I m not paying or more for a fragrance

I’m not paying $300 or more for a fragrance that smells like a blend of Bleu de Chanel , ysl y , and savauge mixed together . Just won’t do it. Nope Jeremy.


  1. buying prada lhomme 150 ml and sauvage 200 ml will be much wiser lol.they will serve you much longer as well

  2. Damjan Ivanovski says:

    we still have no idea what that frag will go for.

  3. Ariel Vierra says:

    Lol you could buy all 3, mix, and have triple the juice ?

  4. Adrian Nascimento says:

    Buy it. Maintenance bills on the Ferrari ain’t gonna pay themselves amirite?

  5. Matekarich I’m excited to get mine in.

  6. Ricardo Olivera says:

    Well its not for women anyways

  7. Michael Goodman says:

    i think it’s like $160 which is still too high imo. but it seems most people who own it really like it so that’s most important.

  8. Dexter Charles says:

    Not gonna be that high but still, I won’t trust a review until I get my split

  9. Saurabh Sinha says:

    The conclusion is the best “ disappointment for men”

  10. Melvin Foreman says:

    I’m not spending more then $150-$200 lol

  11. David Smith says:

    Word… lol I’d rather buy Primitive man from Walmart ???

  12. Sally Griffin says:

    All I could think about was how that guy sounds like Dave Lister.

  13. Daniel Milam says:

    Why not just make a thread about the price when it’s actually announced……lol?

  14. Seth Shimp says:

    *buys Roja Elysium*

  15. Vennie Venividivici says:

    Williams Not buying it at all, I don’t care if it’s sold at Alexandria prices, I’ll wait for the Alexandria version??‍♂️

  16. Josh Schwartz says:

    The man’s favorite fragrance is la nuit de l’homme what did everyone expect? Of course he was going to make something fucking basic and generic so that it’s likable by most people. Who cares? Why all the hate? If y’all really hate him that much, stop c…See More

  17. Mikhail Shirokov says:

    * I highly doubt he’ll raise the price of the fragrance
    * have most of y’all smelled it yet? I hear it’s pretty good.
    * If you don’t like it – you’re not the target audience…See More

  18. Tiffanylovesfragrances Hall says:

    Is his juice, for those whom has sniffed, categorized as a “celebrity”, niche, or designer?

    Based on the reviews it sounds like a designer, but I have not heard anyone speak on quality, just it’s just “smells good “.

  19. Echols I have a question. .. I must be late to the party. But what did he do to deserve so much hate? I’m serious I want to know

  20. Samuel Gao says:

    Fucking dua!! Really want their Caribbean waters, but it’s oos!!

  21. Justin Bendig says:

    unless the chicks are stalking me I second this

  22. Edin Veljovic says:

    C’mon guys – the man has to pay another TF suit 3.5K euros – let’s support his efforts….blimey, what a con artist

  23. Adam Keichel says:

    You guys are being a bit harsh… put yourself in his shoes! IMO, the price is justified. Those Ferrari’s chug premium fuel like nobodys business

  24. John Earls says:

    Just gotta feel sad for anybody who buys a fragrance from a guy who spend his time habitually lieing and who spend his time doing dance videos and drinking green tea instead of sourcing a cap for his fragrance that people gave him a million dollars to fund and then announces he’ll triple the price for no other reason other than “it will be cool to do it”. Douche’s fall in line

  25. Samuel Gao says:

    Doesn’t beat acqua di gio

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