I m pretty much done with Creed Once my flacon

I‘m pretty much done with Creed. Once my flacon is empty I‘m never going back. This quality is not acceptable for a 300+ bucks product.


  1. Leon Hot glue drop. Press down.

  2. Marci Szigeti says:

    Yep, this is a known issue with Creed flacons, seen it a bunch of times. Although wouldn’t go as far as ditching the brand because of such a small thing.

  3. The emblem came off mine as well but it still smells ?

  4. Saurabh Sinha says:

    It’s very very common. I just wished they removed it alltogether. 500 and liter don’t have that cheap looking thing.

  5. In that case you probably want to stay away from BTV and Xerjoff as well…

  6. Eric Smith says:

    Hear you loud and clear, especially when the competition is producing more stellar juice.

  7. Daniel Berlin says:

    Now you can make a magnet out of it

  8. Barry Nachman says:

    Or just glue it back down

  9. Jack Wang says:

    theres a thing called super glue, its quite useful

  10. Pepe Villalobos says:

    Duque I made a keychain out of that emblem ?

  11. Carlos Munoz says:

    They know they can go cheap because people will still buy the product.

  12. Dani Kovács says:

    Ádám Plavecz aggree?

  13. Jack Oakeley says:

    That’s happened to 3/3 flacons I’ve owned. It’s crazy

  14. Noah Camp says:

    Agreed, I have a bottle of vetiver Geranium that came with a busted cap, and my Aventus bottle cap wiggles and doesn’t stay on

  15. Gunu Kapoor says:

    Atleast their sprayers don’t leak anymore.. lol

  16. Brent Downey says:

    Mine pretty much did the same thing on my 250ml SMW. Looked like they just used super glue

  17. Daniel Begay says:

    Lol.welcome to the club. I was done with that house a few years back. But was because of performance. And 1 of another groups members put the house on blast about a few things.was classic.??

  18. Preston Anthony says:

    Hester Soooo it’s not enough that you got an insane deal on it? Cuz if you’re counting taxes that’s 700 retail.

  19. Ryan Hansell says:

    It’s on glass. Did you expect anything less?

  20. Phil Lancaster says:

    If this was Jeremy’s bottle there would be a huge difference in comments lmao

  21. Chris Arcarola says:

    I guess you’ve never owned a BMW or Mercedes huh?

  22. Chris Arcarola says:

    I’m sure they’ll miss you too

  23. Mokim Mohammad says:

    Elmoussaoui Most of my flasks have loose caps now and peeled and faded labels

  24. Herbie Sanchez says:

    The Falcon has landed…

  25. David Dunmeyer says:

    sell me the metal top piece

  26. Jaime Robert says:

    I own the new batch and it’s legit. A friend says she could me from the night before ????

  27. Roger Chico says:

    Owens Jr. Oh word, I was a little disappointed when i sampled it at my mall…BUT, I absolutely loved creed Viking, but there’s so many other cheaper ones that smell just as good

  28. Cliff Boaz says:

    This is extremely common

  29. Kenneth Edward says:

    Put some craft glue on it. The flacons are still well made. Shit happens.

  30. Daniel Scherer says:

    I am well aware that I can just glue it back. I just think this shouldn‘t be necessary for such a supposedly high end product

  31. J Michael says:

    Jones The juice is all that matters no?

  32. Nias Balata says:

    The same happened to me! with Aventus 250ml falcon ??

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