I m torn between which to buy What would you choose

Damn…I just got these two samples of Carlisle and Herod (Both Parfumerie De Marly releases) and I’m torn between which to buy. What would you choose? Please only vote if you’ve tried both. I appreciate you all! ❤️


  1. Tyler Seay says:

    Carlisle is a signature scent while I think Herod is more situational

  2. Christian Johnson says:

    Carlisle is much better, but Herod is the must-have of the two. The crown jewel of the brand. Herod is like the entry point to Carlisle. Don’t cheat yourself of the enjoyment of Herod by jumping straight to Carlisle lol

  3. Robert Proctor says:

    Should own both

  4. Stephen Cabil says:

    I have decants of both too but Carlisle will be my bottle purchase

  5. Adrian Nascimento says:

    Carlisle. Not even close either.

  6. Ross Karpinski says:

    I haven’t tried Carlisle yet. So I vote for Herod. I enjoy this dark tobacco inscense scent

  7. Ricardo Olivera says:

    Herod is good but can get too sweet if you overspray and you have to overspray if you want it to perform as its a bit on the weak side

  8. Carlos Munoz says:

    Herod is so good.

  9. Stéphane Gauthier says:

    Carlisle drydown is more changing and interesting than Herod, at least to me

  10. Bilal Azeez says:

    The oud in Carlisle is the medicinal variety. A complete turn off to a lot of people.

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