1. Goretty Zavala Good cheapie

  2. Goretty Zavala It was what got me into fragrances

  3. Jose Ochoa says:

    Woman go crazy over this scent!

  4. Jacques Wilson says:

    One of my first frags I owed. Very nice imo.

  5. Dan Galapeaux says:

    Its pretty good, Unforgiveable Multi platinum is better.

  6. Jason Yeomans says:

    I didn’t like it..??

  7. James Underwood says:

    It is a good cheep frag. I use it in hot weather and keep it in the fridg and man it nice to spray on when it cool out of the firdg in 100 degree heat.

  8. Steven A. says:

    Schendler It used to be a classic but before it was discontinued they ruined the formula.

  9. Bob Murphy says:

    It’s good for the price but it’s not signature scent worthy

  10. Daniel Faulkner says:

    Multiplatinum is good.

  11. Derek Lap says:

    Honestly, don’t care for it. It stings my nose a bit.

  12. Lazylane Clute says:

    It really reminds me of Creed MI. It lasts forever on my skin.

  13. Michael Blenheim says:

    Worth the 30 I paid for sure

  14. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Nice but weak performance and it really doesn’t smell like MI imo, it’s muskier

  15. Parris Paulfrey says:

    Women will give compliments.

  16. Jesse Balinong says:

    Fucking gross. Smells just like what it costs. Lol

  17. Zhenya Wood says:

    for the price you can’t beat it. I enjoy the smell. it’s strong and lasts a while. generally most women like it I’ve had compliments at the bar with it more than I few times thanks guys for commenting

  18. Zhenya Wood says:

    im just getting into colonge if I were to spend hundreds of dollars on a nice smelling colonge for going out any thoughts I really like aqua di geo but everyone and their grandmother uses it. I want to get something not everyone uses lol

  19. Hasan Rahman says:

    xerjoff emerald star it’s a good one. But to save a little money all my female friends love the abercrombie and fitch I smelled it pretty good. But I’m new too just like you ?

  20. Dalton Kabir says:

    Weak juice..personally don’t like it..fruity shower gel kinda smell..but there’s something with this type of scent dna..woman loves this type of scent..D&G Light Blue..Invictus Aqua..A&F First instinct..etc.

  21. Nando Medina says:

    Chicks dig it its just a weak performer

  22. Dexter Charles says:

    Fresh fruity opening but there’s this weird metallic like thing going on in the mid…idk what it is, maybe its my skin but its zingy af??‍♂️

  23. Eric Smith says:

    It’s meh. Has the profile, character, and synthetic boldness of your average bargain bin cheapie.

  24. Johnnie Hannah says:

    Jr. Not a fan..but check out SJ 3AM..

  25. Geno Will says:

    Excellent fragrance, unique smell. Not a grail fragrance by any means but because of its price and uniquely pleasant smell it’s an excellent choice in my book. I totally got the “Champagne Accord” although others say they do not.

  26. Will Lewis says:

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned Rush of Unicorns; it’s Unforgivable and MI on steroids

  27. Edin Veljovic says:

    It’s great and easy going citrus. Lot of people say it’s Creed MI. However, I hate citrus but this one is so smooth and not offendig. Commpliments getter. Summer and casual clothes. However – it’s not strong and both projection and longevity poor.

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