I need to wait until the stem turns more yellow

Can I harvest these two big zucchinis or do I need to wait until the stem turns more yellow? Im a newbie at not only gardening but I just recently started eating zucchini too haha!
Edited to add that I harvested them and they were delicious!


  1. Karen Bonser says:

    You need to harvest now & choose them about 1/2 that size for really good tender microwaved vegetables with onions, garlic & other small vegetables!

  2. Brittany Boyd says:

    Thank you! Yay my first veggies from my garden! I got my first egg from my chickens today too so Im kind of on cloud nine haha

  3. Maggie Macaskill says:

    They taste really great at that stage but if you let the seeds inside mature the plant wont produce more zucchinis

  4. Brittany Boyd says:

    You lost me, Im sorry Im confused…

  5. Karlie Baum says:

    She means pick them often to keep getting more zucchini if you leave it on the vine the plant wont keep growing more zuchinni

  6. Jan Hardy says:

    If you let it go to seed, the plant stops producing because it thinks its done after it makes seeds. It just stops producing.

  7. Maggie Macaskill says:

    Brittany Boyd If you pick them when theyre half that size I think you actually get a larger harvest over the season. Some people say they taste better smaller too and thats just not true; I like them both sizes and I can taste the difference. I like …

  8. Brittany Boyd says:

    Karlie Harmon ohhhhh ok haha yeah that went right over my head lol ?

  9. Maggie Macaskill says:

    Brittany Boyd This is my first year growing zucchini too… I just learned about saving seeds from them this year.

  10. Karlie Baum says:

    The smaller zucchini are more firm for sautéing and such but the bigger ones can be a bit more mushy so that can work well for baking

  11. Brittany Boyd says:

    Karlie Harmon thanks! I havent baked anything with them yet, I love a good stir fry so far

  12. Bonnie Peletz says:

    Good size to pick..eat them raw, stuffed, in salads, and cooked

  13. Jan Hardy says:

    Look perfect to me. Id slice real thin, and BBQ them. A little oil, salt and pepper. Yum

  14. Mark Mayes says:

    Pluck and eat. And Rich Leone …holy cow, youll need hot oil for that one. 🙂

  15. Zulema Vanessa Thompson says:

    I like my zuccini the smaller the better. They are more tender. The great thing about zuccini and almost all summer squash is that you can pick them as small or big as you want

  16. Brittany Boyd says:

    Thanks Ill keep that in mind since I like to sauté mine anyway

  17. Zulema Vanessa Thompson says:

    Me too! Nothing better than a zuccini stirfry

  18. Richard Berry says:

    Perfect. If too big, they get seedy. Small has best flavor.

  19. Jo Wallace Cummings says:

    I pick them way smaller,I use the big ones for bread

  20. Allan Fineberg says:

    My last one I pick 2as heavy as a new born

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