I think this may have been mentioned previously but

I think this may have been mentioned previously but looking for some insight. I just got a convo from someone w a bridal blog. She wants to invite me to be included in their holiday gift guide. This is to include”custom photography and mentions of the post on my social media handles. ” she says they get 20k views monthly. Blah,blah, blah.
All she needs is to pick something from my shop and Im to send it to her…something “of her choosing” complimentary.
This is a wedding blog. I sell vintage decor, collectibles, antiques. I have some pricy items. The blog features “polished New England style”. Not what I offer…I dont think. Ive had items in blogs before but they just featured a photo, Southern Living magazine returned the painting they used in a photo shoot, local magazines just used photos.
I dont think its my crowd. Id give a site link for the blog if allowed, but dont know if it is.
Anyway, I dont know if it would be a good idea. Looking for opinions or experience


  1. Dagmar Lohnes says:

    These are “influencers” looking to be either paid or receive a product. My experience is that none of these folk are worth much in terms of ROI. I even had a bag – I make and sell handbags – stolen. I mailed it to the States only to never hear from that person again. But thats the exception. Others have done as agreed, but the point was that other than likes and lots of ?? there was no sale.

  2. Karen Bates says:

    Dagmar Lohnes I was thinking that might be the case. My experience as well….no roi. Sorry to hear of your theft.

  3. Dagmar Lohnes says:

    Karen Bates cheers! One needs to be very selective with this kinda stuff and look at it mostly as PR expense.

  4. Maria Festing says:

    I agree with Dagmar Lohnes. They are looking for free stuff. You can send something, but dont expect sales or exposure.

  5. Bonnie Fitts says:

    I think Dagmar Lohnes captured it with the ROI. The blog lady is saying 20K views per month with no guarantee of any return for you. Unless she can show stats re: what her advertisers get for a ROI, then thats similar to the example I was mentioning in another post of her requesting you throw stuff at the wall (advertising on her blog) and hope it sticks (a potential return). I think trading is fine (e.g. advertising from her for one of your products), but she isnt demonstrating any value that can be measured. Until she can show the actual value of her part of the business transaction-instead of just tossing around a concept of 20k-then it feels unequally balanced in her favor from a business perspective. I might ask her for stats on how well her advertisers have done on her site. I also probably wouldnt do this without a contract. You get a return of XX % or the item is returned (kinda like a store). Anyway…just kinda riffing here on it. 😉 Good luck!!

  6. Tuula Kyrölä says:

    Bonnie Fitts none of them can. This influencer business is just a clever way for the social network generation to make money. Most of their followers are fake anyway.

  7. Joanna Jorgensen says:

    It depends a lot on the influencer and your niche. I know my daughters organic cosmetics business has got more and more dependent on bloggers over the 8 years of its existence. They often pay up to $ 2000 for well-known bloggers to review their products and it is well worth it.

  8. Brenda Bennett Maille says:

    I did this once in the beginning and it did not amount to sales. Ive been featured on blogs for free and not much materializes. I think it has to be really targeted to your people to make it worth it.

  9. Karen Bates says:

    I have a wedding blog myself and have created quite a few guides and round-up themed posts that feature Etsy artists. Never have I asked for physical product to feature them – the only time product is exchanged is if I’m photographing it for an exclusive feature or styled shoot. And often, the more niche and even smaller the reach, the more targeted it is to reaching your potential audience/customers

  10. Mouni Abdelli Lou says:

    Thanks for you insight everyone. I thanked the blogger and told her perhaps in the future we can collaborate. She was happy I responded and is leaving the door open.

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