I totally slept on Dior homme cologne I can’t

I totally slept on Dior homme cologne I can’t stop sniffing my hand, the dry down smells fresh


  1. James De Leon says:

    Tops freshie no doubt. Many do sleep on it.

  2. Edmond Carter says:

    I literally sniffed my hand like 5 times already can’t wait to put it on tomorrow, sotd for me was Amouage reflection man, that shit smell delicious lol

  3. James De Leon says:

    I own like 1000ml of DHC

  4. Edmond Carter says:

    James De Leon nice I just got a 30 ml I’m gonna get the bottle soon this a year round scent

  5. Jerad Ashworth says:

    How’s the performance?

  6. James De Leon says:

    I get 8 hours with his one. If you don’t, it’s probably olfactory fatigue.

  7. Clay Heller says:

    DHC is solid as hell.

  8. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Cologne is nice but eau is really Dior Homme for summer

  9. Edmond Carter says:

    So what do rate the cologne for what season because starting next month I’m looking for fall and winter fragrances

  10. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Edmond Carter , that’s the thing about eau, it can be worn year round. I like the iris but cologne doesn’t have a prominent iris note like Dior Homme. The sport is nice but performs badly, eau solved that problem. Or see what you like, I got enough lem…See More

  11. Edmond Carter says:

    Dahaji Mcmillion I will look into it I’m digging Dior as a brand sauvage edt., some of the privee fragrances and now the cologne

  12. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Edmond Carter , my rating for Dior- Dior Homme, Sauvage, eau and sport

  13. Dwayne Humble Lion Wright says:

    Good stuff bro.

  14. Wait. There’s a cologne version of Dior Homme???

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