if so what would you suggest with a reasonable bid?

I know PL questions get asked a lot, I personally just asked 2 earlier this week and this is a long inquiry. Yet I need some insight from those who have firsthand experience with Etsy PLs. I started a GoogleAd promotion on our Etsy store this past week and last night I started an Etsy promoted listing. I found Google to be straight forward but Etsy not so much.
With Google I started with just $7 a day to see what happens and have not used the full amount yet. With Etsy I started just last night with only $3 a day as I have a lot of unanswered questions for Etsy PL and wanted to get them figured out before raising the limit as they said I could go up to $50 a day and they warned and I quote “plan on spending all of your budget”, not ready to spend $50 a day on PL. As I was searching I looked at my Etsy promotion and within less than 2 hours and only 2 clicks my $3 limit was used up!
I had left the suggested “bid” on….not knowing the fees Etsy set, so after seeing they spent the limit I went and checked all the listings that were promoted, 25 of our 570 listing were promoted (not sure why as I hadnt picked any yet) and they suggest prices of $2.70 or $3 per listing for many. Should I be customizing bids (obviously I feel so) and if so what would you suggest with a reasonable bid? Based on their suggested bid of up to $3 an item and based on my thoughts of .10 to .25 cents per item that is a huge difference, this of course makes me concerned that at my pricing I wouldnt even be seen. I want our PL to be seen but I cant afford their suggested pricing.
Should I promote my whole shop or at least the majority or just a dozen or so top sellers.
Sorry for the length of the questions, I just need some advice from those who have firsthand knowledge of it.


  1. Vicky Menounou says:

    Always use lower than the suggested bidding. This way you get more clicks. Experiment. If your daily budget doesnt get spent then increase a bit. But always promote your best selling items. Meaning those that already bring sales, so obviously the tags/photos/prices are all correct. Those are the listings that can benefit from higher views. Listings that dont do well at all usually need work on tags/photos/prices. I hope this helps

  2. Ron N Lea Winans says:

    Sabrina Patricia Thank you for that! That looks like it is worth the cost! What genre of merchandise are do you sell?

  3. Sabrina Patricia says:

    Ron N Lea Winans the suggested bids on my items are super high too. $1-7 ? would make no sense for me to do that when my items are priced between $12-$15. Someone last year mentioned the 2 cent bids and I figured I could afford to try that method over what Etsy was suggesting. I work with vinyl so I make a lot of wedding items and kids clothing.

  4. Jennifer L Baggett says:

    Your bid really depends on how saturated of a market youre selling in. That said, my highest big (for coffee cups, something fairly common that tends to flood the market) is only .15 cents. I never use their recommended bids. Its a rip off.

  5. Jen Salzman says:

    Jennifer L Baggett Thank you! Do you mind me asking if you feel you get a decent return on cost? Also how many of your items do you promote?

  6. Aimee Wright says:

    I set my Max CPC so they get capped globally, instead of going in to each one and setting them manually. That way you can leave them as Auto Bid, but they wont go over your Max CPC. You set that in Advanced. I have mine at .12 each I think. I have some listings that they suggested as high as $9. Its crazy what they take if you leave it at Auto. I also have my Daily Budget at $3.

  7. Judi Duncan says:

    Jen Salzman Thank you! That is a great tip!

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