I’m spraying on my wife’s Chanel Chance just because

I’m spraying on my wife’s Chanel Chance just because I’m tired of all my stuff. Gonna stop buying full bottles altogether – just get tired of stuff too fast. Gonna start getting 5-10ml of the weirdest stuff just to have some variety.
Comme des Garçons and Zoologist sample packs are on my list for the near future.


  1. Keesus Crice says:

    Get some florals, don’t be scared.

  2. Parham Shalchian says:

    Get flowerbomb

  3. Dawn Henderson says:

    I think more men should do this. There are so many fragrances marketed at women that also smell fantastic on men. My ex often wore Opium, Chanel °5, Ysatis… raided my stash all the time. All my vintage stuff smelled better on him !

  4. T.j. Bennett says:

    Where did you find a comme Des Garcons sample pack if you don’t mind me asking I’ve been searching since I started this hobby

  5. Mikhail Shirokov says:

    Looks like scent split has a bunch of them

  6. T.j. Bennett says:

    Haha yeah but I’m not paying those prices. Every once in a while I get a hair up my ass and order a couple from luckyscent if they have a promotion. I hate thieves and half the people in this hobby are

  7. Mikhail Shirokov says:

    If you’re just getting a tiny bit to try it’s not a terrible deal. Plus you know they’re not fake.. hopefully..

  8. Michael Graves says:

    Buying 10 ml decants gives you sooooo many choices

  9. Kevin Holt says:

    Checkout SCENTual Obsessions Perfume they carry over 1000 oil based colognes

  10. Kyle Stevens says:

    I mainly get 30ml decants some 60 ml decants. Instead of having 10 full bottles I have 30 bottlles

  11. Benjamin Bradley Simon says:

    Great idea.
    My biggest regret is purchasing so many designer full bottles. I’m tired of most of them, rarely reach for them(opt for niche)and wish I would have used the money for something better

  12. Paul Kiler says:

    Most of us go down that path.

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