I’m starting from scratch, what’s y’all opinion on these

I’m starting from scratch, what’s y’all opinion on these besides the sauvage. I plan on getting a top tier fragrance once a month afterwards blue de chanel edt will be on the list next


  1. Chris Ruprecht says:

    Haven’t smelled Voyage but it has a rep of being a solid cheapie
    CdNIM is one of the better Aventus clones you can get (a bit louder and smoker, not as smooth and high quality – look into Pineapple Vintage line as alternative).
    Legend is a classic people pleaser but maybe a bit generic. Just as bout the entire Montblanc line is good for the office and are all $25-40 (I have Legend, Spirit, Intense, Individuel, Starwalker, Presence, and Exceptionel).
    Versace line are good options in the $30-50 range.
    Can’t go wrong with any of the Chanel Allure line and Bleu de Chanel (most but not all prefer the edp version to the edt).

  2. Edmond Carter says:

    Pvi is another fragrance that I wanna get, what would you switch out and replace

  3. Muzzammil Beelut says:

    I would pass on the legend since you’re already getting Sauvage.

  4. Edmond Carter says:

    So what would you switch the legend for

  5. Muzzammil Beelut says:

    You have several Freshies. So you may want to diversify with something like The One EDP, Code Profumo or Ck Shock

  6. Brandon Baros says:

    Nautica Voyage smells like a cheap locker room scent imo. Too many people have it or smelled it around. Youll only smell familiar. I say go for Bvlgari Aqua Amara which is around the same price point and smells far better and lasts far longer

    Club De Nuit is pretty harsh in the open but the dry down makes up for it. If you haven’t smelled Aventus, consider a small decant. CDNIM will never be half as good as Aventus

    Can’t go wrong with Suavage.

    Get Mont Blanc Legend Intense over the original

  7. Brian Ramos says:

    Get Legend Intense

  8. Ortega James says:

    Or Chanel egoiste. They smell very similar

  9. Marcus Moore says:

    Get none of them lol find a scent everybody isn’t wearing

  10. Edmond Carter says:

    I’m a newbie idk my way around the fragrance community like that yet I did watch a video on tf veiter i need to find a sample tom ford cologne looks like it tries to bring a sexy image but that just my opinion

  11. Marcus Moore says:

    Edmond Carter Prada Amber Pour homme is good. Its a very distinguished smell

  12. Edmond Carter says:

    I gotta look into that that’s the kinda swag I’m into

  13. Daryl Gathing says:

    Edmond Carter Sephora and high end stores like NM will give u free samples. 1 or 2 ml

  14. Daryl Gathing says:

    Try the sauvage EDT and EDP before you choose to buy one. Also try the Bleu Chanel EDT and EDP before you decide to buy one. Also try the legend spirit before you decide to buy the legend.

  15. Edmond Carter says:

    I bought a decant of sauvage edp and got a compliment today when I was out clothes shopping, I have bdc edt as well in a decant that mf smells great

  16. Edmond Carter says:

    I have Mont blanc legend decant at home too its not a compliment monster but people at the job said it smell good I wanna have 5-6 fragrances for spring/summer and 5-6 for fall winter and some just for night time events like Versace eros

  17. Daryl Gathing says:

    Tried angel amen?
    Versace the dreamer?
    Sculpture?…See More

  18. Daryl Gathing says:

    I also saw a video saying that you should get Demeter pineapple to intensify the pineapple smell in CDNIM

  19. Edmond Carter says:

    Can you share the link for me

  20. Daryl Gathing says:

    Edmond Carter I’ll look for it

  21. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Gotta start somewhere

  22. El Maceton says:

    have you bought stuff from dealperfumes before?

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