“intense” etc thrown about a lot. What’s it mean exactly?

So, I hear the words “Extrême” “intense” etc thrown about a lot. What’s it mean exactly? I expect a ramped up version of the original but it generally is lonely a ramped if version of part of the original. Sometimes there is no similarity. What’s you favorite.
Mine, in order would be
TF Oud Wood Intense
Spicebomb extreme
Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme.
I think they are all superior to their originals in every way


  1. T.j. Bennett says:

    Is your spell checker ok or am I reading it wrong lol. I think I got what you’re saying though

  2. Donal P Scannell says:

    Spell checker is fine, thumbs are huge though

  3. Daniel Joffe says:

    Well in theory it should just be a stronger version of the same scent but that’s rarely the case. Thing smell different at different concentrations. Take a Scotch and drink it then add some water and drink it again, it tastes different. Sometimes scents are EdT’s because they open up better, or consumer markets aren’t going to wait hours for the story because they’re impatient or don’t know how to work a scent.So brands add flankers by playing with concentrations and they tend to move the prominence of certain notes up or down. I suspect that doing eau’s and concentrees was the method before someone came up with a flanker idea.

  4. Lou Dickinson says:

    I second that!!!

  5. Lou Dickinson says:

    Oh yeah! That stuff is a beast

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