Intense version of Black Aoud – anyone try it yet?

Spotted in the UAE – Intense version of Black Aoud – anyone try it yet? Thoughts? I photo’d it but didn’t spray!


  1. Paolo Gomez says:

    Same smell…this one is darker, richer, “rounder” in feel, bolder…less projection though.

  2. Paolo Alcantara says:

    Paolo Gomez ……better?

  3. Paolo Gomez says:

    Paolo Alcantara I prefer the original. ??

  4. Tripp Doogan says:

    It’s even more intense! As in the potency of the scent itself. It stands out, but I wouldn’t say it’s more powerful in projection and all that, it’s the scent itself packing a punch.

  5. Ferit Rodoplu says:

    boring release!!!

  6. Paolo Gomez says:

    I can see a pweety girl on the reflection.

  7. Cyndi Hunter says:

    awww thanks doll! 🙂

  8. Atil Burak Sonmez says:

    I had the roses musk intense one and they basically filled it with oil. On my hand, it felt like 70% concentration. This is probibly the same case. But weird thing; EDP roses musk lasted longer lol

  9. Douglas Paul Schmidt says:

    Anyone have a partial or decant for sale?

  10. Bethany Torisky Szumigale says:

    Whoa! Black Aoud is pretty intense on it’s own!!

  11. Abraham Castillo says:

    Judging by the reflection I’d say you actually did photo’d it

  12. Cyndi Hunter says:

    lol thats what i said – i took a photo of it but didn’t spray it

  13. Ferit Rodoplu says:

    but tiziana gold rose oudh smells more natural right ???

  14. Eric Hill says:

    I’d say different.

  15. Nico Xeneize says:

    Intense of a super intense frag. Damn

  16. Radin Udara says:

    Black aoud in extreme beast mode.. cant stand it.

  17. Douglas Paul Schmidt says:

    Cmon Radin!
    Incredible scent.

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