interested in attending a canning party in the near future

Cucumber salad and zucchini will be the side dishes for dinner tonight. Idk what Im going to do with the jalapenos just yet. Ill probably slice and can them when I get a few more. I cant wait until our plants reach peak production especially the tomatoes. We have a ton but theyre not ready to pick yet and neither are my bell peppers or habenero. My ghost peppers dont even have any blooms yet but the plants look good and healthy. Anyone interested in attending a canning party in the near future? Lol.


  1. Sheri McKnight Waltz says:

    We love to stuff jalapeños with cream cheese and wrap in bacon (then dip in brown sugar) … freeze them … they cook up in about 10 minutes in the toaster oven

  2. Melissa LaBelle says:

    I have always enjoyed washing the peppers and letting them air dry. I dice them up and freeze them. And when a recipe calls for a little kick I can take what I need and put the rest back. ?

  3. Sarah Pennington says:

    I wish my tomatoes were ready… Im ready for some homemade salsa!

  4. Lynne Dear says:

    Slice up onions, sweet peppers, jalapeños and garlic.. cook in bacon fat or other healthy fat.. keep in container in fridge.. add to eggs, top meat, top burgers, top cheese!!!! It’s the best.

  5. Frances Hill says:

    Dry the jalapenos and use it when needed for a little kick!

  6. Vera Atkins says:

    I grew some habeneroes for my brother those things are hot.

  7. Kristine Craig says:

    Mango salsa with the jalapeños is one of my faves on chicken breast.
    I also hear pineapple salsa is amazing (calls for jalapeños)

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