Is it possible to get Chanel under retail at all?

Is it possible to get Chanel under retail at all?


  1. Nelson Evans says:

    Basically, no. That’s the only designer brand you have to pay for.

  2. Nelson Evans says:

    That being said, I do have Bleu De Chanel for $48 so if you’re looking for that you should probably PM me

  3. Anthony James says:

    Unless you know someone that works somewhere. My GF works at a place where I can get Chanel 25% off.

  4. Tajay Campbell says:

    Borges do you have a fav in the Chanel line??

  5. Jake Beagle says:

    Platinum egoïste is the best

  6. Anthony James says:

    Jay, I love the Sport Extreme. Edition Blanche and Allure are good as well!

  7. Ayman Ali Jumma says:

    Thanks man, but I already have Bleu, got it as a gift. I’m looking for allure extreme. The first time I wore it out of a sample, I got 4 compliments. That stuff is amazing!

  8. Anthony James says:

    Yeah Extreme is the best from the newer bunch.

  9. Tajay Campbell says:

    I remember hiro used to hype up allure HOMME..

  10. Tenzin Jamyang says:

    Yes, in this group. Men’s 3.4 are often sold here for between 55-70.

  11. Louis Rizzo says:

    I really enjoy eau extreme. EBay has testers but its buyer beware lots of Chanel fakes.

  12. Jonathan Mcsweeney says:

    Yes. Buy from someone in a fragrance group. Or used bottle from individual on ebay. Dont ever buy new bottles from ebay. Even the testers are faked.

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