Is this Aventus real?

Is this Aventus real?


  1. Rubén Robelo says:

    Someone needs to post this on the Aventus lounge to get verification

  2. Paul Hart says:

    That’s the batch 13zz bottle. I’ll give you $600 for it.

  3. Enmanuel Gonzalez says:

    800$ friends and family or pay 20% fees

  4. Paul Hart says:

    Will you do early AM shipping for an extra $100?

  5. Enmanuel Gonzalez says:

    200$ and we have a deal

  6. Paul Hart says:

    As long as you didn’t remove the real diamonds it came with and replace them with fakes I’m in.

  7. Hugo Talhamares Montez says:

    Sure. ?% legit.

  8. Rohan Joy Rana says:

    The bottle looks like Armaf CDNIM

  9. Enmanuel Gonzalez says:

    Nah, it’s says Aventus

  10. Rohan Joy Rana says:

    Dry down is very similar to an old aventus

  11. Enmanuel Gonzalez says:

    You have a fake one bro

  12. Jalal Eddine says:

    If it says Aventus and smells like Aventus it’s probably an Aventus

  13. Diego Hernandez Sierra says:

    Robert Jacome no jodas

  14. Dan Araya says:

    Shocking similarities, you might be on to something here Rohan

  15. Chris Arcarola says:

    No shit moron

  16. Enmanuel Gonzalez says:

    He was out of stock

  17. Cornells McEssien says:

    I knew it! We play TOO MUCH in fragcomm! cc: Mr. Misan coman see these pple with “Creede Nuit Intense Man”! ?

  18. Daniel Faulkner says:

    I need to see a pic of the sprayer but it looks good so far.

  19. Gediminas Kontrimas says:

    Real like flat Earth

  20. Gregory Andrew Duncan says:

    This bottle was crafted using an asteroid. It was then gifted to the Sultan of Brunei and hand delivered by Erwin Creed himself.

    Copied from Creed website

  21. Sultan Pasha says:

    Hahahahaha ??? have to share

  22. Jon Brooks says:

    Is that the smoky batch?

  23. Chaz Ferrell says:

    Club de Aventus ?

  24. It’s part of their Les Royales Exclusives

  25. Gediminas Kontrimas says:

    Royales Exclusives pour Supernaives 🙂

  26. Ortega James says:

    Damn Photoshop ??

  27. Carl Safronenko says:

    Yes it’s real….cheap version of Aventus….lol

  28. Enmanuel Gonzalez says:

    Not original?

  29. Dan Araya says:

    It says Creed Aventus on it, so it must be Aventus, but I don’t know what it is, something about the bottle reminds me of another fragrance, I just can’t put my finger on it… Maybe Eau de Gaga?

  30. Benjamin Bradley Simon says:

    Look under cap

  31. Truvelle Wilkins says:

    Yea that’s the new bottles

  32. Arsenios Hellinic says:

    Yes it is UNREAL

  33. John Christian says:

    Club de NOT aventus intense man ?

  34. Gediminas Kontrimas says:

    Naiventus pour homme 🙂

  35. Deen Ibrahim says:

    Royal Exclusive right there buddy

  36. Francis Dominic Presto says:

    Common sense

  37. Rueben Shaw says:

    Amazing what you can do with stickers

  38. Gediminas Kontrimas says:

    Make miracle 🙂

  39. Danilo Henrique Garcia says:

    It is a real..shame to the original bottle lol.

  40. Gwen Henry Gilbert says:

    I kind of like the updated bottle, it’s cute. ??

  41. Francis Dominic Presto says:

    It smells like aventus

  42. Francis Dominic Presto says:


  43. Francis Dominic Presto says:

    Try it

  44. Francis Dominic Presto says:

    Creed is just meh.Honestly.

  45. Bruno Gino Giambroni says:

    That new bottle is ???

  46. Adam Keichel says:

    Haters say it’s photoshopped

  47. Darryl Smith says:

    What in the fucks name is that???

  48. Paul Hart says:

    New improved Aventus

  49. Saija Vatzen says:

    If you believe it then it is real 😀

  50. Gwen Henry Gilbert says:

    Close your eyes, click your heels three times and breathe in. Then it shall be so. ??

  51. Francis Dominic Presto says:

    Honestly, this might be an authentic club de nuit stickered to have an impression it’s Aventus. At least you have a club de nuit…

  52. Francis Dominic Presto says:

    What a logic do I have. LOL

  53. Francis Dominic Presto says:

    If it is real club de nuit, they must not have tampered it right to remain authentic???

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