Is this one worth a blind buy?

Is this one worth a blind buy?


  1. Papa Pantho says:

    No. Try before you buy.

  2. Simran Jit Singh says:

    Its a niche quality juice.. Bang for the price..

  3. Muhammad Najamuddin Agha says:

    No try before you buy

  4. Ayaya King Aya says:

    Definately not a Blind buy, i tried to like several times, but it just gives me Headache everytime. So I decided to pass on thise one.

  5. Ondra Reichl says:

    Great, great fragrance. But if there was a list of top 10 fragrances to never blind buy, this would be in top 3. Don’t do it please.

  6. Lin Htet Aung says:

    No no never blind buy bentley intense.

  7. Vìśhrūth Kümær says:

    Absolutely blind buy worthy …

  8. Liam Barrett says:

    I’d say try it first. It’s not OVERLY expensive but it’s expensive enough to where you’ll feel stung if you don’t like it.

  9. Udi Granot says:

    Well, it’s a good one for sure. The dry down is excellent, but the opening is too harsh for me.

  10. Christoph Georg Volni says:

    Truly amazing

  11. Chiraghbir Singh says:

    I did not like it personally .. please do not blind unless you are getting a very good deal .

  12. Abdulrahman Jaafeer says:

    Not a blind buy.. u need to test it first.

  13. Kevin Pryce says:

    Try it first. Great fragrance just not for everyone

  14. Brian Alexander says:

    Blind buying is how you develop your palette! Plus resale value is good on this juice so you could offload it fairly easily if it doesn’t work out.

  15. Salamandar Octopous says:

    The quality is here, a solid release. But to my noise, the rum note at the opening is too harsh for me. The benzoin/incense are beautiful.
    Glad I bought a sample…

  16. Justin White says:

    It was a BB for me, I love it but idk that it’s for everyone.

  17. Charles Martinez says:

    It’s a very aggressive wood, rum, and leather bomb that projects hard and lasts forever. I like it, but won’t wear it to work or when I’m driving because the boooziness is hard not to notice. Also, the bottle and sprayer are great quality, and it looks good on the shelf. But blind buy? I’d say no, but the full bottle isn’t going to cost much more than a decant.

  18. Dalton Kabir says:

    If you like boozy frags..then hell yeah..amaizing juice ?

  19. Kevin Justin DeCarlo says:

    Harsh aromachemicals, that will abuse even the manliest of men. Definitely not a safe blind buy imo.

  20. Dalton Kabir says:

    Just wanna add..I wore it today..niche quality juice..nothing synthetic..a head turner..absolutely love it.?

  21. Dalton Kabir says:

    ? ☝ ..sorry man..I give the credit who deserves it..

  22. Hamid Abudhaise says:

    Try it before you buy. I’m sure you already know the notes, but it might not be to your taste.

  23. Carlos Laguerta says:

    Definitely not something you would wear often… Very formal

  24. Jack Jackson says:

    It looks like its powerful

  25. Charles Martinez says:

    One of the few fragrances that actually earn the title “intense”.

  26. Jack Jackson says:

    Charles Martinez ill have to try it

  27. I didn’t like it it’s not really universal enough imo for a blind buy

  28. Ammetrius Jointer says:

    Find a sample of this first ?

  29. Rob Goode says:

    I did – and I like it, but then, I blind buy almost everything. I just blind bought Black Afgano, but saw it cheaper and cancelled order.

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