Is this really that good?

Is this really that good?


  1. Allen Recinos says:

    Not what I expected from the hype and descriptions. Has this baby powderish note that I didn’t like. I wouldn’t say it’s bad though.

  2. Kevin Justin DeCarlo says:

    No—the original is far superior. Just imo.

  3. Jason Yeomans says:

    Better than your average designer,a simple fragrance but it’s good, it’s got that smooth Chanel thing..not a sport frag though..

  4. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    And wear it when it’s cold, gorgeous. Performs well and ladies love that juice, just sayin, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments with it

  5. Devin Hicks says:

    I was looking for a really good Tonka frag

  6. Very powdery. Like sweet baby powder. I enjoy it though

  7. Ankur Kumar says:

    Tbh, its my most complimented scent batting average wise, and its not in my top 10 all time personally, but it WORKS

  8. Michael Blenheim says:

    I own it and can never smell it after an hour

  9. Ajay Ranga says:

    Compliments Guaranteed.

  10. Eric Espinosa says:

    I have the EDT Concentree for sale. 5oz Partial Full presentation

  11. Natan Barros Freitas says:

    I don’t like it. I don’t like sport either

  12. Josh Walsh says:

    Its ok.

    This should just be named Allure Homme Extreme.

  13. Juan Antonio Ovalle says:

    What?! The amount of dislikes for this ?! Will be in my collection FOOORRREEEVVVERRR

  14. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Oh, yeah, well it is on my skin anyway

  15. Matt Scherreik says:

    I got 10ml for $13 shipped if you want to try it ?

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