ISO Aventus batches please pm with what youve

ISO 2014 Aventus batches, please pm with what youve got.

Thank you in advance


  1. Alexandru-Mihail Deleanu says:

    Aventus batches…
    Since 2010 they are 97.51% same.
    End of the story

  2. Russell Moorhouse says:

    I got 500ml of 2014 , but I’m not selling you anything.???

  3. Angelo Sibug says:

    I have a 9/10ml 2015 decant if u like ?‍♂️ and a 5ml 14K01. Take both for $1000000000

  4. Vennie Venividivici says:

    Williams ?? so you must be looking for the batches that last longer

  5. Guy Grisdale says:

    Jorge Hagans has one or two…. ? ?

  6. Ashour Ashor says:

    500 ml 14m01 $$$$$$ if you want it

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