it like casually hanging out, eating out, at the office?

I feel like buying by 1 Million by Paco Rabanne but can’t bring myself to because of social stigma. To be fair, I’ve only worn it once, and approached it as if it was a blind buy without knowing anything about it or what the community thinks about it. I ended up really enjoying it. It’s cheap-ish. The bottle is kinda cool. To be honest I don’t go to clubs often, if at all. So I’d wear it like casually hanging out, eating out, at the office?
But then, it has a low rating on fragrantica, I hear people say they’ve grown tired or sick of it, I hear that it’s strictly or highly recommended as a club scent, it’s too popular (you’ll smell like everyone else), etc.
Prior to wearing 1 million, I bought 1 full bottle each of JPG Ultra Male and 18.21 Man Made Sweet Tobacco Spirits. I bought them because on paper they impressed me so much that I skipped my usual process of wearing it for a day before deciding to buy it. I ended up returning/selling both. I wore Ultra Male and found it so dizzying/cloying/nauseating. I didn’t even bother wearing STS as I was on the fence on wearing it to the office, and all other scenarios were too limited. However, 1 Million sat fine with me.
The other thing is, I tested PDM Herod as well, and absolutely fell in love with the scent. However, it’s more expensive, the performance seems kind of meh as I’ve tested (as well as people seem to think online..though it lasts long). I already own YSL LNDLH, V&R Spicebomb, HM HiM (edp), Burberry London, Montblanc Legend Intense, so really I’m kinda set for fall/winter. I just feel like I’m caught in this fragrance rush that I just keep wanting to smell new scents, and get the urge to buy them. I’m most likely gonna end up just not buying anything and saving that money towards Aventus/GiT for the coming spring/summer 2019.


  1. Adam Athans says:

    Don’t worry what other people think… If you enjoy it, wear it…??

  2. Sebastian Wanda says:

    If you like it, buy it and wear it. The general population doesn’t think like fragcomm. Fragcomm thinks the general population care so much about what ppl wear, they dont. For them there are only 2 types of fragrance : smells good and smells not good.

  3. Mayank Kumar says:

    “If you can’t stop thinking about it, you should just buy it”.
    Some wise guy

  4. Avery Michaels says:

    I bought 1 Million and ended up getting rid of it. It smells nice at first, but I (and many others) grew tired of it very quickly. Of course, trust your own nose, and if it makes you happy and you get a good deal on it, it’s not that bad a mistake to make even if you end up getting rid of it or replacing it down the line.

    I’ll say this, though: go to the mall and try Bvlgari Man In Black and Man In Black Orient first. It’s available even cheaper online than 1 Million, and it’s one of the only designers I’ve held on to after building a collection of 30 niches fragrances. It also has prominent cinnamon, but the rum, leather, and tobacco make it more dry and masculine and I find the quality (to my nose) to be much better. I also find the Orient version to be a little sweeter, but not nearly as overpoweringly sweet as 1 Million.

  5. Tessa Diana Dore says:

    I looooooove the smell of prive ! Like love love.

  6. Tony Tran says:

    If you like it, wear it. Just not to the office or on a hot day….

  7. Keesus Crice says:

    I haven’t really worn it since I initially got into fragrances years ago. When I got it, I wore it everyday. This was in the humidity and heat of New Orleans(which is extremely hot and extremely humid), I got a lot of compliments. I remember walking into one class and someone saying to the effect “what asshole put on too much cologne”, of course it was me lol. It does get compliments, but do I think I’d wear it out these days?.Probably not. The bottle and the name sum up the epitome of what is in the bottle, it is meant to be kinda tacky and over the top, but ironically the tacky gold plating and a name like One Million, does get the job done for a mall counter fragrance. It brings in the compliments, great selling bottle. The bottle and the name, I think it’s tacky, but it stands out. You see the Gold Brick, the name “One Million”, who doesn’t want to smell like “One Million” bucks. So from the marketing stance, I think they had everything keyed in, it might be not of much substance, it might ring hollow, but it fucking works.

  8. Kevin Holt says:

    Honestly I like it I don’t get caught up in all the hype with all the expensive colognes I wear what I like plus most of them expensive colognes or only expensive because of the bottles in the packaging not really what’s inside the bottle

  9. John Bap Echols says:

    If you like it buy it. These groups are for learning and finding great deals. 85% of the population don’t wear fragrances, so don’t let the group discourage you in buying what you want. 1 million is or was a popular fragrance, that’s is why they frown on it, just Remember that 85%

  10. Jerry Wiesch Rivera says:

    1 million was one of the few bottles I paid retail for back when it first came out and before I was really into collecting. I never realized there was a community of people out there, so the only opinions I was aware of were mine and those around me. People loved it on me but I find the older I get, it becomes too sweet for my personality. I can still pull it off with fewer sprays. Anymore though, I tend to buy things that please me first and others second. I’ve taken risks on things the community has bashed and been pleasantly surprised. I’ve also followed hype beasts and have been let down.

    “Just follow your nose” -Toucan Sam


  11. Michael Andrews says:

    Fragrance net has 6.8 oz for 50 bucks unboxed..might get bc of the good deal

  12. Michael Andrews I think that’s lucky not the original

  13. Zach Yuzon says:

    Tessa Diana Dore yep I meant lucky…lol..might be to good to pass up but that’s alot of juice

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