I’ve found the greatest Creed Aventus clone it’s

I’ve found the greatest Creed Aventus clone…
it’s called CREED AVENTUS!


  1. Ismael Rabhi Ronaldo says:

    You should try the original cdnim

  2. Denny Lowens says:

    More like Phantom vs Chrysler 300

  3. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    I love that clone!

  4. Sergio Torrez says:

    Just buy the original. I promise you better sleep at night ??

  5. Mohamed Emira says:

    Is that the overrated clone?

  6. Carlos J. Duncan says:

    And overpriced

  7. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    I respect the clones, I have 2 bottles of CDNI. But nothing beats any batch of the original. The natural ingredients give it such a beautiful clean smell, not alcohol-y bug spray.

    I wish I had a Smokey batch of Aventus though, that was the best by far. I have 16k11.

  8. Deleanu Alexandru-Mihail says:

    I really enjoy 16K11, it’s very bright and fruity!

  9. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    Trust me, the ingredients in Aventus are mostly synthetic. They are higher quality than other brands though.

  10. Deleanu Alexandru-Mihail says:

    There’s a good video on the common misconceptions of “natural” ingredients.

  11. Komkrit Sriwashirasrej says:

    *yawnest yawn ever yawned

  12. Deleanu Alexandru-Mihail says:

    I think that’s how most of us feel seeing your comments ?

  13. Liam Barrett says:

    that’s the beauty !

  14. Liam Barrett says:

    I love how they can’t even clone their own product consistently xD

  15. Jose Alvarez says:

    This is very real.

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