Jalape o pepper jelly is finally done Now I remember

Jalapeño pepper jelly is finally done!! Now I remember why I dont like making it anymore. So much stirring and work! But I managed to use up all of the jalapeños I picked this morning and I made two batches.
Its so good and spicy! Perfect to eat with crackers and cream cheese. You can thin it out in a saucepan with a little chicken stock and it makes the perfect glaze to brush onto chicken breast on the grill or you can make a sweet and spicy vinaigrette with olive oil and red wine vinegar for a yummy spinach salad. 😀 ??


  1. Dezi Kaufman says:

    How many jalapenos does it take I wanna make jalapeno and pineapple jam

  2. Ebony Arnold says:

    12 med. sized jalapenos. Ill post the recipe for you.

  3. Cindy Lee says:

    Must tell my grandson! He is growing a few of them!

  4. Amélie Childress says:

    Did you add food coloring? I love this color!

  5. Ebony Arnold says:

    The recipe to make the pepper jelly calls for apple cider vinegar. What Im talking about above in my post is a recipe to make a vinaigrette with the pepper jelly.

  6. Rachelle Price says:

    At the peak of the Season we try to separate all the peppers by color and make different colored ones

  7. Alice Lee says:

    Is there anyone like to share what is suitable for planting after July every year?

  8. Joyce Saylan says:

    Your local Agricultural Extension has a list.

  9. Sam Welch says:

    12 oz jalapeño peppers (about 12 med)…

  10. Sam Welch says:

    Patricia Jaco Ramsey youre welcome. All I did was copy and paste for you and others

  11. Ebony Arnold says:

    Like most jams and jellies yes there is sugar in this recipe. Youll have to find a sugar free version online if you need it.

  12. Shaunice Hale says:

    I’m so happy you posted this! I normally make “cowboy candy” but I was wanting another jalapeño recipe ?

  13. Ebony Arnold says:

    Candied jalapeno slices. Its good on cream cheese too.

  14. Sam Welch says:

    Ebony Arnold , th. Damn. How much does this make

  15. Shaunice Hale says:

    That’s the exact recipe I use! I only use 6 cups of sugar because 12 makes it wayyyy to sweet ? but it makes about 15.. 16oz jars! Sam Welch

  16. Patricia Jaco Ramsey says:

    I’ve made Cow Boy Candy the last couple of years, this will be a nice change.

  17. Joyce Saylan says:

    Swirl it through softened ice cream and refreeze!!!
    …Youre welcome !!!

  18. Ebony Arnold says:

    Yall please make sure you follow the recipe. I posted the link to it in the comment section. No tweaking or using substitutions for ingredients. If you need a sugar free option I suggest you find another recipe for that. Dont change this one, everything is needed in this recipe for a reason to make the jelly shelf stable.

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