Jorge Sanchez Macias This is my next purchase I

Jorge Sanchez Macias This is my next purchase I think…so yeah congrats and enjoy
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  1. Jorge Sanchez Macias says:

    This is my next purchase I think…so yeah congrats and enjoy

  2. Tyler Dirden says:

    Thanks bro. Yeah its good juice. Def worth the money 🙂

  3. Gary Crompton says:

    Awesome every season, every situation scent. Will always be in my wardrobe

  4. Clay Heller says:

    Where’d you get it? Retail or discount?

  5. Tyler Dirden says:

    @Clay, I bought it retail.

  6. Clay Heller says:

    Sucks that it’s impossible to find cheap chanel

  7. Tyler Dirden says:

    haha I know. Chanel keeps a tight knit on their their prices and who is allowed to sell them.

  8. Andy Hurst says:

    At least with that you know you don’t have to shop around. I was able to get AHS for 55 bucks and that’s because it was unboxed from fragrancenet. 100% full. A little bit cheaper. Platinum egoiste is a beautiful fragrance. Great buy.

  9. George Fourtinas says:

    this was my second official frag ! ahh the memories

  10. George Fourtinas says:

    enjoy san !

  11. Tyler Dirden says:

    @Andy, thanks man. I’m really happy with it.
    @George, lol thanks bro.
    @Travis, thanks man!

  12. The best chanel ever !! Love it ..

  13. Kenneth Williams says:

    One of my favorites (that I can NEVER find, I may add) I know you will enjoy it and you will smell amazing!

  14. Sebastian Schulz says:

    i like i like of tu beat!! <3

  15. Trevor Evans says:

    If you know anyone in the Navy, Army or Air Force, they sell Chanel colognes at the PX/BX and NEX. You can get a 3.4 oz for like 57 bucks with no tax. Ask your military friends seriously

  16. Clay Heller says:

    is PX/BX stuff only overseas?

  17. Trevor Evans says:

    No it’s just the army store, they have one on every base

  18. Trevor Evans says:

    My girlfriend’s dad is Navy, he gets the best deals at the NEX (Navy Exchange). Armani, Chanel, D&G, Prada, all the best colognes are a great deal

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