Just heard someone call Aventus “the Fox News of

Just heard someone call Aventus “the Fox News of perfume”


  1. Jess Comp says:

    SMH, tired of everything getting politicized

  2. Jason Craven says:

    It kind of makes sense. Some people love it, and some hate it.

  3. Jean Blanc says:

    I am not a fan of Aventus but comparing it to Fox News is dragging Creed’s name in the mud.

  4. Kyle Stevens says:

    That’s like saying Sauvage is the mainstream media

  5. Gediminas Kontrimas says:

    fake news 🙂

  6. Kevin Campbell says:

    No fragrance deserves that comparison ?

  7. Bruno Di Angelo says:

    Who said that????

  8. Zach Balthazor says:

    Could be worse could be CNN

  9. Bruno Di Angelo says:

    CNN fake news

  10. Guy Grisdale says:

    Not “defending Aventus” or a “fanboy,” but—this doesn’t even make sense. Like…not even in a cool, jokey, ironic way. Why isn’t it the MSNBC, or CNN?

    I’m usually great with jokes, but I need someone to explain this one.

  11. James Coop says:

    If Aventus is Fox, BR540 is CNN

  12. Jake Magill says:

    So loads of people have it but noone claims to?

  13. Ryan Willems says:

    You mean Secretions Magnifiques…

  14. Michael Jerro says:

    You know, I’ve never heard Aventus say anything bad about you

  15. Bruno Di Angelo says:

    The Fox News of perfume means that it’s upscale, compelling and of the finest quality!

  16. Daniel Faulkner says:

    With that analogy, CDNIM is CNN then.

  17. Danny Mosquera says:

    Fox News sucks so I bet those are the clone houses. CNN would dive deep into the batches variations and cover a thorough investigation, and the vintage batches are like your old time NPR members.

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