Just in Percival A Niche take on a Modern

Just in Percival. A Niche take on a Modern Designer. Nothing new here just an upgrade to the Bleu De, Savages DNA. Good but not great definitely will get you compliments but not worth the price tag.


  1. Kenneth Edward says:

    I agree. I was disappointed with this one. It was very mainstream, unconventional, and boring although like you said, pleasant.

  2. Melvin Foreman says:

    Glad u kept it honest unlike some of the kings! ?

  3. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    It smells really nice I like it, I too think its definitely a versatile, easy to wear, compliment getting type fragrance. Ill buy a bottle once it hit discounters.

  4. Dave Lewin says:

    Appreciate the honesty! Good save… ?

  5. Ajay Ranga says:

    Over hyped by few frag heads IMO.
    Considering price tag Nothing unique .

  6. Michael Goodman says:

    dont really think its trying to be anything unique tho, doesnt seem like what its going for you know?

  7. Michael Goodman says:

    its good. pleasing and easy to wear, def a compliment getter

  8. Layton carlisle Percival

  9. Christian Johnson says:

    If it smells nice with the PDM quality I’m definitely copping

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