just to give you an idea. Where should i start!?

New here and i see a sea of man talk? That’s cool..you guys might be able to help me out with my question. I have had ZERO luck finding a perfume i like. Literally everything i put on turns to baby powder on my skin. My husband says i have a naturally (i hesitate to say strong) scent…but in a good way. He says that super feminine stuff clashes with my natural scent. I actually really prefer mens colonge to perfume…but i feel weird and overpowering wearing it. I’ve thought about unisex scents but i dont know where to start. I don’t like anything floral, but i like things with amber, citrus, vanilla or coconut. Not specifically together…but just to give you an idea. Where should i start!?


  1. Mychal Cure says:

    -Tom Ford Black Orchard
    -TM Alien ?
    -Dior Homme Intense
    -Valentino Uomo
    -Guerlain SDV
    -TM Pure Tonka
    -Creed Virgin Island Water

  2. Irais Pineda says:

    Bond No. 9 Coney island, unisex but fruity and citrusy

  3. Birsen Wilson says:

    +1 for Coney Island

  4. Alexandre Campioni says:

    Virgin island water , BR 540 , Feve delicieuse, Delox by tiziana terenzi , Orion by tiziana terenzi, Oud bouquet, kalemat black
    Try to get samples of these and thank me later

  5. Sash Pecinov says:

    Neroli Portofino

  6. Steven Chapa says:

    -Aventus if you want bright citrus with a little dark woods in the back…he’ll probably steal it though ?

    -Baccarat Rouge 540 is more on the sweet side but is amazing.

    -Molecule 01 if you want to go more stealth mode. It seems to blend with people’s body chemistry too.

    You can always search out decants from people in the community too. You can usually get 10ml for $10-20, that way you can really test out multiple fragrances before you decide on a full bottle. Fragrance Swap is great for buying decants ?

    Good luck!

  7. Alejandro 'Alex' Chavez says:

    Check out Redolessence on Youtube and look up his reviews/recommendations on female fragrances. ??

  8. John Bap Echols says:

    Bond 9 Hamptons, creed hymalaya,

  9. Jason Coursey says:

    Lira by Xerjoff.
    Notino has this for around $90 less than retail. In the opening I get a blood orange mix with caramel and Vanilla. The blood orange eventually goes away and I’m left with Carmel and Vanilla.
    Also try Ambre de Carthage by Issaby.

  10. Greg Knudson says:

    Atelier Orange Sanguine – a nice cold glass of OJ that dries down into something simple, soapy, shower/fresh. Not overpowering

  11. Rahul Mukherjee says:

    Head over to Sephora and check out the Maison Martin Margiela, Atelier Cologne as well as Serge Lutens lines.

  12. Rodger Fauci says:

    Mugler – cuir impertinent or Maison Francis Kurkdjian , try baccarat Rouge 540, Lumiere moire femme or Tom Ford Black Violet , I could go on and on … Roja Dove Amber Aoud -very expensive , but beautiful . Tom Ford amber absolute . Creed Love in black or white . Mendittarosa Rituale . Somebody mentioned Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, one of my favs, def unisex and unique

  13. Chad Gros says:

    Songe d’un Bois D’ete

  14. Mark Romero says:

    Try mancera pearl. Get in touch with Alan Berdjis..
    Thank me later ?

  15. Creed Virgin Island Water

  16. Robert Heath Herndon says:

    Neela Vermeire Trayee

  17. Danny Mosquera says:

    Sorry I had to laughter at the opening “sea of man talk” we have tons of ladies here! ?

  18. Rami Shehadeh says:

    It’s true that many fragrances end up smelling like powder including many of the suggestions in the comments. You like Amber and vanilla, most fragrances containing these notes can be perceived as powdery. Try creed aventus and hermes vetiver Tonka.

  19. Νικόλαος Διαλετάρας says:

    bonjour,try l’artisan parfumeur batucada

  20. Christine Tremblay says:

    Amber: Serge Lutens, Ambre Sultan. Amber/Vanilla: Histoires de Parfums, Ambre 114

  21. Rahman Shaukat says:

    Try maison martin margiela’s beach walk and jazz club.

  22. Paul Kiler says:

    How about my Ginger Zest de Citron, or Gold Leather? Would you like a sample of them?

  23. Michael Anthony Cole says:

    Casey Burgamy It sounds like you’ll need scents with greater concentration of oils. Atelier Cologne, L’artisan Parfumeur, Roja Dove, and Tom Ford are good for this. They each have a range of scent profiles to try.

  24. Bibi Byrd says:

    Vanilla/amber- Prada Candy, Indult Tihota, Perris Monte Carlo Bois D’oud, Guerlain’s Shalimar ..Coconut- Heeley’s Coccobello, Mancera Black Vanilla, Tom Ford Soleil Blanc. Women’s perfumes that smell a bit masculine- Amouage Beloved Woman, Marc Jacobs Decadence

  25. Sara Meyers Morehead says:

    Hmm.. have you tried Eau Des Merveilles or Elixir Des Merveilles by Hermes? No florals, very unisex woods & resins & citrus with a hint of ambergris.

  26. Brandon Baros says:

    Aventus for Her? It has a unisex vibe

  27. Tony Flores says:

    Citrus/coconut= Creed Virgin Island Water
    Vanilla/rose= Tauerville Vanilla Flash
    Misc= Creed Royal Princess Oud. I think this sound like you.

  28. Anas Nbeil Abu Dyyeh says:

    Try some of the arab female perfumes it will work promise

  29. Brad Woolslayer says:

    I was leaning towards Escentric Molecules 01 myself, since it is supposed to blend with your skin chemistry. One of my favorite recent discoveries was By the Fireplace by Replica. This is a nice vanilla scent, with a smokey woods background. If you like coconut, you might want to try something with figs, since they often smell a bit like coconut. Marc Jacobs for Men is a good example.

  30. Heather Emmons says:

    D&g light blue women’s version. A lot of men wear it as well. Smells great on pretty much anyone. Also could try cedre atlas for atelier. I don’t wear women’s fragrance much either. These two are def something that should work for you or pretty much anyone

  31. Chad Fogleman says:

    Ambre Loup, Ambra Aurea, and Ambre Tabac are three great Ambers that are not powdery to me.

  32. Abhinav Madan says:

    Atelier tubrose should work for you. It has coffee and floral vibes.

  33. Bernardo Cardoso Rmt says:

    Molecule 01
    Black Orchid
    D&G Light Blue (women’s)
    Lalique White
    Ultra Zest
    Bal D’Afrique
    Bright Crystal
    CK Euphoria

  34. Brent Lindsay says:

    Research…Julliet Has A Gun-Not a Perfume.

    And also maybe Molecule 01.

  35. Brent Lindsay says:

    The Not a Perfume…is a little less manly than Molecule 01, or less woodsy. Its a semi sweet, amber like scent in a way. Should be perfect. My ole lady wears it a lot.

  36. Casey Burgamy You lost me @my husband…lol( married man Joke).
    On a more serious note try Creed A.V.E.N.T.U.S. ?

  37. Preston Anthony Hester says:

    Musc ravageur

  38. Paulie Peanuts says:

    DG light blue

  39. Sil Liapis says:

    Phi une rose de Kandahar… tobacco rose, spices, and a little sweetness on the top from apricot. My girlfriend wears it and it comes off quite masculine on her due to the tobacco and spice but it’s absolutely lovely (I also wear it… it’s perfectly unisex)

  40. Wesley Pardue says:

    Mancera Aoud Vanille

    I also think the fragrance with one of my favorite amber notes, MFK APOM, would smell great on a lady.

  41. Robert LaCombe says:

    Sara Meyers Morehead I’ve been wanting to get one of them. It’s on my list & I get that:) I’m the same way.

  42. Jose Alvarez says:

    Aventus for Her? It has a unisex vibe

  43. Birsen Wilson says:

    Citrus/coconut= Creed Virgin Island Water
    Vanilla/rose= Tauerville Vanilla Flash
    Misc= Creed Royal Princess Oud. I think this sound like you.

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