Lets see if Etsy turns all our shops back on?

Its Nov 1st. Lets see if Etsy turns all our shops back on? Tis the season!


  1. Judi Duncan says:

    good grief – I hate to even get my hopes up (secretly crossing fingers behind my back)

  2. Cyn Moody says:

    One can only hope!

  3. Heather Messer says:

    Lol i did get a turkey order this morning ??

  4. Loni Nguyen says:

    Oh My! I forgot to save my posting yesterday ?

  5. Amy Franko Keller says:

    Seriously! ????

  6. Salbine Baghramian says:

    Im %80 up from YoY! Hope for better results!

  7. Kathy Hale Cage says:

    Got 1 sale this morning!

  8. Kathy Hale Cage says:

    Just got my 2nd one!

  9. Emily Kate Gray says:

    I won’t hold my breath!!

  10. Karen Bates says:

    Oh my, do you think they had them turned OFF?? They wouldnt do that…thats not FAIR!. and theyre all about FAIR. really, Wouldnt that be illogical to hide good sellers and give new sellers banners and badges for being “good sellers.”?? Hmmmmm??

  11. Becky Quartermaine says:

    I agree, my shop has been dead for a week after a run of great sales – no reason? Annoyed and confused!?

  12. Nina Brown says:

    Been dead all week and of course today I get two orders and three special requests I need to quote and one of my 5 year olds is hit with the stomach flu. ?‍♀️

  13. Amara Anne Kopp says:

    Im still waiting! Up til yesterday it was a crazy week and some! Good views but no sales just yet.

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