like Chanel. Do we have the best sprayers or what?

Chanel makes the best sprayers. Nobody makes sprayers like Chanel. Do we have the best sprayers or what?


  1. Girisha Alexander Wyatt says:

    Dior makes my favorite atomizers

  2. Matthew Potter says:

    Dior has the best atomizers imho

  3. Benjamin Bradley Simon says:


  4. David Jara says:

    Dior makes nice sprayers but I’m not always in the mood for a firehose on fine mist.

  5. Adrian Horga says:

    You haven’t tried Parfums De Marly sprayers have you?

  6. David Jara says:

    Maybe once in store but not much

  7. Adrian Horga says:

    David Jara they are awesome. Lots of juice. Fine mist too

  8. Janice Claxton says:

    I happen to like Salvatore Ferragamo atomizers. Smooth smooth smooth

  9. William Reyes says:

    Dior hands down

  10. Geoff Horton says:

    Dior for sure…..then chanel!!

  11. Adam Therülo says:

    On the other hand, Thierry Mugler have the worst sprayers

  12. Živilė Matuzevičiūtė says:

    Think about A*Men series ???

  13. Kevin Medlock says:

    Chanel, Dior, and/or Creed! Take your pick and cover the entire neighborhood with one spray.

  14. David Jara says:

    Nobody knew that Dior makes the best sprayers.

  15. Shawn Bailey says:

    Dior and Chanel both make amazing sprayers, by far the best in the designer game! My Sauvage though, it’s like a huge full misty cloud, I love it.

  16. Edwin Linares says:

    They have horrible fragrances

  17. Nate Manning says:

    Dior by far, then ex nihilo, then the older join the club bottles

  18. Chris Hall says:

    Dior is great. But that ultra ultra ultra fine mist blast on Creed doe! Hold that bad boy all the way down and see what happens

  19. Nate Manning says:

    I don’t think I ever really paid attention. But if you want fine mist, holla at ex nihilo! That stuffs like aerosol hair spray!

  20. Nate Manning says:

    Chris Hall yea man. Anything but bond 9 honestly lol

  21. Chris Hall says:

    Nate Manning B9 is very disappointing. It’s shocking really.

  22. Neringa Svobutaite says:

    As an oversprayer I love Creed for the amount of juice it puts out in a single spray

  23. You haven’t tried Roja sprayers, have you?! ???

  24. Ha you haven’t tried Diors yet..

  25. Alex Buchin says:

    Dior by a looonnnggg stretch

  26. David Jara says:

    Look at all these Dior comments. There’s so many we’re running out of room. The moderator might have something to say about this.

  27. Girisha Alexander Wyatt says:

    Well, there’s a reason. Buy a dior and you’ll know 😉

  28. Tony Flores says:

    Hahaha came here to say Dior aswell. Creed also have very nice atomizers.

  29. Rafael Arnaldo Scheid says:

    Dior. Period.

  30. Rolando Camarillo says:

    Dior then creed

  31. Kerry Dominick says:

    Creed, Dior, Roja, byredo

  32. Robert Heath Herndon says:

    Chanel does make good sprayers but I like Rojas, Guerlains, Brecourts, Ex Nihilos, Margielas Replica brand, now the Bond sprayers are less than desirable for sure…

  33. Wesley Pardue says:

    I don’t know about all of the olfactive studios bottles (I know they changed the design), but the sprayer on my Still Life In Rio is awesome. Its almost like it has 2 different levels built in. You can very easily do a half spray as well as a full blast.

  34. Parameshwar Iyer says:

    Dior and Creed in my opinion.

  35. dior sauvage sprayer is like a super atomized cloud an ultra fine mist

  36. Carl Safronenko says:

    Yes.Its lime a micro atomizer blaster…lol

  37. Darren Michael says:

    Dior hands down. Smooth as hell for decanting

  38. Ahmed Nabil says:

    I find Roja, Creed, Kemi, and Dior make the best atomizers

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