many sprays of TF Grey Vetiver EDP do you do?

How many sprays of TF Grey Vetiver EDP do you do? I tried it today on myself instead of a test strip for the first time – smells great, but 7 sprays and I barely smell anything 3 hours later unless I stick my nose right into it. Wife doesn’t smell much either from a slight distance, but likes it up close. Is this a common issue? Could be an old tester at Sephora sitting in the bright lights?


  1. Chadwick Pinch says:

    I have never in my life put 7 sprays of anything on. 3 max.

  2. Rahul Mukherjee says:

    6-7 sounds about right for GV, it lasts 8+ hours but projects softly which is perfect for the office (where I use it the most). Not really an issue if you ask me

  3. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    I choked myself out on tf grey vetiver edp at my son’s graduation, so I’m guessing skin chemistry. Some fragrances take to our skin well, some don’t???

  4. Tim Odishoo says:

    7…. it doesn’t do well on my skin…

  5. Gabriel Beaudry says:

    Only 3 for me.

  6. Roger Amador says:

    I would say 5-7 is ok.

  7. Peta Duggan says:

    Try a non scented moisturiser on your skin prior to spraying and see if performance any different.

  8. David Hiel says:

    Has no projection.

  9. Mikhail Shirokov says:

    Is there something you guys recommend that has a similar vibe, similar price range, but performs better?
    I’m used to spraying 1-3 sprays if I’m paying over $100 for a fragrance. I can’t really see spraying 7 every time for the price.

  10. Gabriel Beaudry says:

    Vetiver Tonka or Bal d’afrique both project better on my skin, less longevity though. Also, both are sweeter than GV.

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