may be too loud and offensive for the office. Thoughts ?

Was thinking of buying either Dior Sauvage or Bleu De chanel for the office . But i hear BDC (even EDP and Parfum version) has weak performance and Sauvage may be too loud and offensive for the office.
Thoughts ?


  1. Chris Ruprecht says:

    Sauvage is not an office friendly frag, and lack of beast mode projection is part of what makes BdC appropriate for the office.

  2. Tuấn Trần says:

    bdc for sure, especially the edp or the parfum cause its more subtle

  3. Jason Shomo says:

    Bdc does not have weak performance

  4. Parham Shalchian says:

    Which one ? Edt, edp or Parfum ?

  5. Jason Shomo says:

    I’ve tried edt and edp (own prefer edt personally). I try to go light on it when I wear it to work

  6. Daniel Kim says:

    I wore sauvage for the office once and my colleagues were like hey isnt what you’re wearing a bit too strong? And that was like 8 hours after I wore it. Three sprays. It was the only negative feedback I got for any of my fragrances.

  7. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    It’s true Sauvage has much better performance. But with that said I think BDC is a much better work scent. Sauvage is not always indoor friendly, it projects loudly and can be obnoxious. Which is great for outdoors but for an office setting I’d give it a hard pass.

  8. Stephanos Cassiotis says:

    Sauvage can be okay for the office, I would go with the EDP though and 2-3 sprays max. EDP isn’t as loud as the EDT and projects less, but lasts the same and even more. BdC is more office friendly, but most people get with it 4-5 hours max of longevity, so it won’t last a full 8 hours of work.

  9. Ayaya King Aya says:

    Bleu de chanel has good Average perfomance, not weak at all.

  10. Ayaya King Aya says:

    Bleu de chanel has good Average perfomance, not weak at all.

  11. Nando Medina says:

    You CAN do sauvage in the office. Put some in a decant bottle and do one or two sprays. The dior sprayers pump out too much juice in this instance. A decant spray would get you the juice and not be overbearing. One to the back of the neck and one to the chest and you’re solid.

  12. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Good winter fragrance for the offfice, Boss Bottled intense edp, smells good, has decent longevity, and safe as can be

  13. Mouad Abdelhak says:

    Sauvage is not beast mode

  14. Goran Grivčić says:

    BdC for office even if I prefer Sauvage. But, as I don’t like dylan blue but want that bdc vibe, I discovered this little gem called acqua essenziale blu. Its the best of both worlds, not a beast but not weak either, very smooth and not pricey. Definitely grabbing it as it is office friendly.

  15. Abby Perkins says:

    Both are solid choices… But you are correct, BDC would be better for the office. I also love Acqua Di Gio Profumo… you cant go wrong with all 3.

  16. Robert Caros says:

    I have bdc parfum for sale

  17. Sauvage is way way too strong for office use. At least on me. Unless I use only one spray under a dress shirt

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