Me and Mahsam Raza squashed the beef, we even

Me and Mahsam Raza squashed the beef, we even agreed to have drinks(no alcoholic for him) and cuisine in New Orleans next time he comes out. We both admitted to our faults and missteps, maned up and put an end to the beef. Let bygones be bygones, agree to disagree, it is what it is.


  1. Mahsam Raza says:

    Thanks brother. It was a stand up move from your end to take the first step and message me. I’m a little embarrassed that this this didn’t happen before and I wasn’t the one to start peace, but we will def get together next time I’m in New Orleans, it’ll be fun to chill. Glad to have made a new friend, thanks bud; I appreciate you ??

  2. Keesus Crice says:

    Like I said, not religious, but god bless you and your family. It’s nice to lift the burden of negative energy, make amends, and make new friends. I’m holding you to your word, and looking forward to night out on the town.

  3. Joshua Thibodeaux says:

    Y’all lemme know Lafayette is a couple hours away!!

  4. Mahsam Raza says:

    Keesus Crice def brother, 100%. Thanks for the well wishes homie.

  5. Mahsam Raza says:

    Joshua Thibodeaux yea, that would be awesome.

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