Memorial garden for my late wife Marie May she

Memorial garden for my late wife Marie. May she rest in peace


  1. Shirley Myall says:

    that is a lovely tribute to your wife May she rest in peace and enjoy the flowers

  2. Rick Shrum says:

    Beautiful – I am sure she loves it <3

  3. Noma Rice Moore says:

    What a beautiful tribute! So very sorry for your loss. I hope someday my family builds one for me. ??

  4. Sarah Ellegood Hilb says:

    Beautiful. What a lovely place to rest and remember her.

  5. Sherry Davis Johnson says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. What a loving living tribute.

  6. Jamie Martin says:

    You must of loved her dearly to make such a beautiful garden in her honor. That is just lovely.

  7. Susan Bulmann-Gemmill says:

    Beautiful…i hope my husband plants a garden for me if I go before him

  8. Jan Griswold says:

    Such a beautiful memorial for Marie. I am certain she is smiling down on it each day. What a wonderful tribute to your wife & the love you shared! My Dad planted a rose garden for my Mother. Roses were her favorite.

  9. Haji Haidi Mat Idris says:

    Sad to hear of your late wife Marie so you make memorial garden for her in house compound, seen that very nice and beautiful.

  10. Stephanie Marlowe says:

    Awe thats very sweet, that brought tears to my eyes for real.. May she rest in peace..

  11. Kristi Hoffman says:

    This is a beautiful tribute to your wife. Bless you!

  12. Thank you for sharing with us. Beautiful.

  13. Betty Lou Frazier says:

    God bless you both and bring you comfort and peace.

  14. Maggie Macaskill says:

    How lovely. Im very sorry for your loss sir.

  15. Fran Johns says:

    What a lovely thing to do, and its very pretty. Thank you for sharing ?

  16. Marilyn Zizzo says:

    Sorry for your loss. The garden is a beautiful tribute to her.

  17. Sheri McNamara says:

    Beautiful idea, so sorry for your loss. ??

  18. Perry Burrell says:

    I chose marigolds and petunias because they were her favorite. Just follow your heart. It will point you in the right direction… so sorry for your loss

  19. Vera E Summers says:

    Fabulous idea! Think Ill do the same

  20. Gina Marijs says:

    Now that is love. Sorry for your loss, sir.

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