might be cheaper there and also there some unique releases?

So ..my mom will be visiting Paris in a 2 weeks from now.
I want to ask her buying me some perfumes i know it might be cheaper there and also there some unique releases?
I need you help please which places she needs to go and what are the prefered ones to buy there.


  1. Riadh Feriana says:

    I heard that in France Byredo sells for half of the price you would be paying in the states.

  2. Almog Frechter says:

    Riadh Feriana Thanksss

  3. Riadh Feriana says:

    Almog Frechter you’re welcome

  4. Michael Blenheim says:

    Can she get me a bottle of Dior Homme parfum , thanks ?

  5. Ivan Kavanagh says:

    Designer exclusives at duty free. Much cheaper.

  6. David Goolcharran says:

    I think there are dior privees that are exclusive to paris right now

  7. Patrick Gagné says:

    Serge Lutens new Gratte-Ciel collection

  8. Lëah Dolly Davies says:

    No recommendations regarding specific scents, but Nose is a great shop for perfumes, with ‘cheap’ prices.

    It’s here – 20 Rue Bachaumont, 75002 Paris, France. 🙂

  9. Charles-Philippe Bowles says:

    Fragrances are rarely cheaper in France and I’m often somewhat envious at the prices you get in the USA. However, we do have a few exclusives. I imagine that Guerlain and Serge Lutens are on the cards?

  10. Mayank Kumar says:

    Welp! They’re often not.

  11. Baghdad Ameen Saida says:

    Who the hell told you guys that perfumes are cheap in France ?

  12. Baghdad Ameen Saida says:

    They are way expensive than the US ,when you convert the $ to € You will notice the difference.

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