months ago. Sold $2,700.00 last month. What can I expect?

This will be my first Christmas on Etsy. I have no idea what to expect. I sell watercolor prints and digital downloads. Only caught traction 2 months ago. Sold $2,700.00 last month. What can I expect? Mostly watercolor prints and digital downloads, about 30 Christmas prints, a lot of nursery.


  1. Jaynie Hamilton says:

    2700 last month?? Id say you better put your running shoes on!

  2. Sally Green says:

    Jaynie Hamilton when do Christmas sales start taking off?

  3. Jaynie Hamilton says:

    Sally Green … this is going to be my second Christmas on Etsy – you can look forward to sales picking up from here on out!!

  4. Lindsey Hall says:

    Wow! Thats amazing! How do you make your prints? I just started my shop and partnered with printful but havent sold anything yet.

  5. Lindsey Hall says:

    Thank you Susan! Ill have to check it out…printful is synced with my Etsy shop currently…I didnt know there can be syncing mistakes!

  6. Susan Fern says:

    I’ve heard soooo many horror stories!

  7. Kimberly Curry says:

    Lindsey Hall I use Printful and have never had an issue.

  8. Mia Borojevich says:

    Susan do you pay the price he has on his website and then just add to it for your customers price or does he somehow give wholesale

  9. Erin Ulko says:

    This question – a good friend of mine has been trying to find a place to print/dropship prints of her art.

  10. Susan Fern says:

    He charges 5 cents a square inch, so printing an 8×10 costs me $4.00. Then he charges $6.99 for shipping. I charge $28.00 for an 8×10 with free shipping so my net on an 8×10 print is $17.00. Not bad. And I carry no inventory or do any runs to the post office.

  11. Mia Borojevich says:

    thank you and I am not trying to overwhelm you with questions…but this is the only place I have seen this info….I am assuming you are choosing the “archival photo prints” on that website . May I ask what border you choose and what paper (satin or matte?). And I am guessing you ordered your prints and did the photos as I dont see a “mockup” on that website?

  12. Susan Fern says:

    I choose satin with no borders. Good question. I used to have borders but customers complained about them. And no mock-ups on that website. I purchase mockups on Etsy.

  13. Mia Borojevich says:

    Thank you so much! One last question….how did you get your designs from watercolors to computer images? did you scan them? I am asking all these questions for my mom …she is 72 and has made pottery for over 40 years, but cant continue making pottery and needs to get her designs on other products. Molly Dallas Co on Etsy. Trying to figure out how to get her designs in .jpg form.

  14. Susan Fern says:

    I have a scanner at home that I use. It’s made for scanning photographs. Costs maybe $120.00. Works great. I’m not at home now or I’d tell you the make and model.

  15. Erin Ulko says:

    Thanks for asking these questions Mia and answering Susan! <3 My BFFs mom is basically like a second mother to me and shes recently retired but still needs more income. She is an amazing artist who does pen + ink (occasionally colored) drawings. I th…

  16. Sasha Weekes says:

    Be prepared to double that this month if youre lucky!

  17. Lorena Balea-Raitz says:


  18. Jennifer Retzlaff says:

    My sales usually double in Nov. each year.

  19. Jennifer L Baggett says:

    My sales typically triple during the Christmas season. About mid November to mid December I dont have time for much else. It gets crazy.

  20. Sandie Foley says:

    Would love to see your shop I’m always looking for good art!

  21. Chris Seeber says:

    hmmm…if mine “triples” Ill have 3 sales lol

  22. Robyn Mears Fish says:

    Dang, you are killing it. I have been on for over a year and have almost made half of that.

  23. Susan Fern says:

    It’s all about 2 things.
    1. Stay on top of trends. Marmalead forecasts are gold for that.
    2. Lots and lots of listings.

  24. Susan Fern says:

    Go into Search and type in your potential keyword. Wali a minute. A graph pops up telling you the popularity and projections of future popularity. On the right are similar keywords with current popularity ratings.

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