musk fire, and it smells great! Anyone tried it before?

Hey guys, I got this Cologne for a gift .. its a cheapy from Avon its call musk fire, and it smells great! Anyone tried it before? What do you think for a Avon Cologne.


  1. Derek Robinson says:

    I own many Avon frags but have never tried that one.

  2. Tony Yashin says:

    Okay, its smells really fresh .very citrus like.

  3. Slomo Mex says:

    Avon colognes are awesome for the price,I smelled that 1 too and it is nice.Try Urban Edge its their new fragrance and its really good to

  4. Tony Yashin says:

    Thanks Antonio ..I will do bro there’s also a musk Marina in blue i heard that nice too .

  5. David Boodhun says:

    How is Urban Edge?

  6. Slomo Mex says:

    Hey David,Urban Edge smells really good for the price.A classy fresh scent.I get Floral/Leather/amber notes from it.Only wore it once so far(just recently got it)but Not bad @ all to me.

  7. David Boodhun says:

    does it have a good projection Antonio Slomo Barron??

  8. Slomo Mex says:

    Projection was average,It got noticed and complimented by some female coworkers when i walked passed.Longevity wasnt to bad,I got bout 4-5hrs from it then it gets real close to the skin @ least on me.all in all I digg it tho.

  9. David Boodhun says:

    Thanks a lot bud!!

  10. Slomo Mex says:

    No prob bro,I think im gonna rock it tomorrow.Check out Avon Percieve to,I just bought it and havent wore yett but smells good out the bottle.

  11. David Boodhun says:

    sure but i’m afraid Avon frags don’t last on me!

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