My collection – Recognize any?

My collection – Recognize any?


  1. Bjørge Brathagen says:

    120ml viking? They come only in 100ml and 50ml

  2. Alvin Billey says:

    Bro. This a group for persons that appreciate fragrance. Plz don’t flaunt your fakes. It’s hard to watch.

  3. Vinu Michael says:

    120ml Viking!!?

  4. Damian Gracia says:

    why are you posting pics of fake frags, they wont get any appreciation on here

  5. Wendeson Santos says:

    120 ml viking kkkkkkkk FAKE!!!!!!!!!! Omg

  6. Paolo Ezio says:

    Nice fake Viking ?????

  7. Paolo Ezio says:

    If the deal is too good to be true then yeah its too good to be true. Bet those SMW are fake too

  8. Will Chung says:

    I’m sure he didn’t know they were fake.

  9. Richard Wilson says:

    Will Chung he knew they were fake. He posted this pic in another group last night as was definitely informed they were fake before posting here

  10. Will Chung says:

    Richard Wilson that’s really weird ?

  11. Matt Snyder says:

    Yeah he probably didnt know and is smashing his face into a table… shitty :/ the creed MI in the back looks fake as well :/ damn bro. I’m sorry :/

  12. Dallas Dudra says:

    He knows they’re fake. He posted the same pic last night lol. Use the fakes to flex on your friends, not fragcom ?

  13. Ajay Ranga says:

    I would rather be happy be genuine 25 $ designer than having 3 400$ + fake creeds.

  14. Chris Young says:

    Dude was told 8 weeks ago.they were fake. I’m blocking his ass before he tries to scam me.

  15. Neil Devlin says:

    Please tell me that you paid in excess of $1000 for this obviously fake and third rate s#@t ?

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