My dad died last night He was Stan the

My dad died last night.
He was Stan the man with the perfume plan for over 25 years in western Massachusetts at the Holyoke Mall. He was one of the longest running tenants in the Pyramid Corporation. The managers and corporate said he was a legend. (they own a bunch of malls)
I hope I can just share one story with you
About 15-20 years ago, a lady approached my dads stand and was looking around. My father asked her if she was looking for a certain fragrance. She said no, but kept looking like she was. He asked again and she said, “oh well yeah but you don’t have it.”
He asked what one, and she replied, “Straw Hat by Faberge, but you don’t have it, and nobody does anymore. I’ve been looking for years!”
My Dad lit up exclaiming, “I have Straw Hat!”
She didn’t believe him, and he again told her yeah I do! He reached down, blew the dust off of this old box, and out he pulled Straw Hat.
Tears started coming down the old ladies face as she told my father how she hasn’t worn that fragrance in years. She has been looking everywhere at every fragrance shop, convenience /drug store (before the internet) and she wanted to wear that fragrance one more time before she died. She gave up hope a few years before but never stopped looking.
She asked my dad how much it was, and he looked at her and said it was free. She pulled a crumpled up five, and two one dollar bills out of her purse and put them down and said you have to take this please. He refused, until it wasn’t kind to refuse an old lady anymore.
They both left the interaction with tears in their eyes. My father always said that was the best sale he ever made.
Photo is my dad surrounded by his kids, nieces, girlfriend, sister and ex wife (my mom). They never fought because life is short and family etc is more important.


  1. Robert Lara says:

    Very sorry for your loss.

  2. Jeff Baker says:

    Deepest condolences, brother. I wish you and your family the best.

  3. Rafael Balarezo says:

    My sincere condolences, Cody. What a lovely story you gave us which describes perfectly how awesome was your dad, May God rest his soul. Blessings ??

  4. Hanna Salamy says:

    Sorry for your loss

  5. Robert Frampton says:

    That was a beautiful tribute. He would be proud.

  6. Charles Montgomery says:

    Heart warming story and journey for sure. Condolences RIP Sir

  7. Al-Selman Condolences. ? Beautiful story for fragrance fans and humans in general.

  8. Adam Keichel says:

    Sorry for your loss 🙁

  9. Waseem Ahmad says:

    Sorry for ur father

  10. Watson Praying that you will find peace within your loss. What a cool dad.

  11. Strangé Nguvu says:

    Johnson ❤️❤️❤️??

  12. Jon Brooks says:

    My condolences bro.

  13. Adele Aracri says:

    Deep condolences and thank you for sharing this story. ❤️?

  14. James Henri says:

    Sorry for your loss sir ?

  15. Rami Shehadeh says:

    Sorry for your loss

  16. Jacklyn Gallegos says:

    Awh I’m so sorry Cody. I lost my grandmother a year ago on Valentines day and she was like my mother and all I had..It’s been devestating to me this past year to face but the biggest blessing out of it is you learn to love and appreciate life more and …See More

  17. Juan Antonio says:

    Sorry for your loss, may his soul Rest In Peace
    Amazing story thanks for sharing a piece of your life, I personally feel honored for knowing a little about how great your father was.
    Remembering people how the lived not how they died is a way for them to live forever.

  18. Oluwatayo Sampson says:

    Ahhhh man what an amazing and wonderful story. Your dad has a heart of gold. Sorry to hear of your loss and may you find peace, comfort and healing in the memories such as this. Thanks for sharing that with us. Let this serve as a reminder to all as to…See More

  19. David Santiago says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, my condolences to you and your family. May you have peace during this difficult process. Abrazos

  20. Rebecca Hatton says:

    I’m sorry for your loss I’m celebrating your amazing Dad ???

  21. Myles Silton says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. Such a beautiful story.

  22. Toni Enné says:

    Great story, sorry for your loss…

  23. Emmanuel Ansah says:

    Boansi My sympathies my friend and your family.

  24. Amit Tikyani says:

    Sorry for your loss. I met your dad once about 10 years ago. My condolences to you and your family.

  25. Svea Neitzke says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss

  26. Sorry for your loss bro.

  27. Ricardo Gonzalez says:

    My condolences to you and your family.

  28. Abdul Rahman says:

    Talo I’m so sorry for your loss, he’s in better place now.

  29. Thaddaeus Esperanza says:

    Deepest prayers and condolences Bro

  30. Andi Frietsch says:

    Sorry for your loss – sounds like your dad was an awesome man! All the love to you and your family

  31. Shayne R. says:

    Charrier Beautiful story – so sorry for your loss. It sounds like he was an awesome person!!

  32. Putera Noorazereen says:

    Sorry for your loss and deepest condolences.

  33. Cody Tylek says:

    Thank you all everyone so much. Just knowing that 500 people have read this story about my dad means so much. I don’t ever care about likes on fb, but this one means everything to me.

    Part :
    My dad told me he had the bottle since he started out and almost moved it to a box at home because no one had ever asked for Straw Hat before, and he figured he would retire with it.

  34. Cynthia Lopez says:

    Don’t know you but sending you loads of hugs?

  35. Gloria Basco says:

    He sounds like he was a wonderful and loving man. May he rest in peace in heaven. So sorry for your loss.

  36. Barbara Anderson says:

    Carter Cody, I replied to your story request above in my original post. Have a peaceful healing day. Splash on something beautiful – I will join you.

  37. Rick Joaquim says:

    My condolences bro

  38. Adrian Charles says:

    Henry Sounds like you have so great memories and I’m sure you will hear many more stories from people who loved your Dad. Cherish those and the legacy that he left behind.

  39. Laura White says:

    Gammon Lovely, sweet story.
    My mom wore something in the 70’s I’ll never forget. And have never been able to find. I think it was called ‘Summer’. Was in a cylinder rose taupe aluminum bottle……

  40. Marwan Al-hajery says:

    That’s beautiful, man! May your dad Rest In Peace

  41. Cynthia Chandler says:

    Lesiuk So sorry for your loss. He sounds like a great man.

  42. Stagg Sorry for your lost. ??

  43. Farihan Irfan says:

    M N Deepest condolences to you and your family

  44. James Underwood says:

    I am sorry for your loss.

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