My oud oil from Ensar will arrive today I

My oud oil from Ensar will arrive today. I have never smelled the real thing before. I am very excited!


  1. Leon Incredible stuff. Which is did you purchase?

  2. Abhijeet Bhediya says:

    I wanted to sample Oud Musa to get my nose on a traditionally fermented Hindi oud that the Arabs once loved dearly, but it was not available when I went to purchase so I settled for Oud Yusuf and a sample of Bliss du Boche. Apparently I was sent some free gift samples so we shall see what they are when my package arrives.

  3. Sebastian Santa says:

    Let us know how it is! Been wanting to try an oud attar for the longest time

  4. Dre Sarelli says:

    Oh man. Once you smell REAL oud, you realize that all of the oud notes in western perfumery is just 99% not real. And what’s funny is that the western smelling synthetic oud actually smells way different than real oud. Its so strange. Its not even approximated.

    Ive had a sample of oud yousef before. Get ready for the most natural scent of your life thus far!

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