My perfume collection 2017/END Collecting perfume since 2015 December Happy

My perfume collection 2017/END
Collecting perfume since 2015 December.
Happy New Year Everyone!! ^_^


  1. Kathy Grewe Belisle says:

    Same way i have 400

  2. Ivette Mamii Zerquera says:

    OMG!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Ivette Mamii Zerquera says:

    I have NEVER seen most of these perfumes! Where are you from? Where are they from? I need names…. I need answers ????

  4. Damon Alfonso says:

    that’s it? that’s all you got? amateur….

  5. Paul Shalom says:

    Woah…Definitely a lesson from the advanced class.?

  6. Paul Shalom says:

    Now you know it’s cruel to display an arsenal like that and not name the frags right??

  7. Okeffe Lodrick says:

    Yes, beast mode. His organization reminds me of me

  8. Paul Shalom says:

    That’s the first time I’ve seen a niche collection based on how pretty the bottle is. Those were works of art.

  9. Joel Watson says:

    Not too shabby bud. Got a favorite?

  10. Mohammad Omar says:

    You better keep them in a refrigerator with a normal temperature ?

  11. Semra Ozok Goodman says:

    So wonderful !

  12. Paul Hart says:

    You guys are crazy lol. I’ve got about 60 samples here and still haven’t settled on an actual bottle of anything yet this year lol. I’ve ordered a few decants of some Creeds, Aventus, Viking, Jubilation, Green Irish Tweed. Out of about 60 samples I still haven’t found one that ticks all of my button and doesn’t have something that I dislike about it. I really like Spice & Wood, but it’s almost invisible on me 90 min later.

  13. Katya Goncearova says:

    Impressive! Happy new year! ??

  14. Indigo Rivera says:

    All of those gorgeous bottles! And all of those Montales! Are there any in your collection you never wear?

  15. Valentina Torba says:

    Amazing. ☺ ❤

  16. Unkle Mensah says:

    Over how many years?

  17. Preston Anthony Hester says:

    Very diverse collection ??

  18. Ricardo Rojas says:

    Wow! I don’t have a tenth of your collection but I don’t stick to only 4 or 5! If you had to wear 1 for only a week, which would it be?

  19. Birsen Wilson says:

    Indigo Rivera Probably it would Oud Wood by Tom Ford. It is my office scent which is not loud or distrub around for whole day. It is last on my skin about 7-12 hours.

  20. Marquice Greed Gilm Walker says:


  21. Aliyu Yahyah says:

    I’m impressed

  22. Venkateswara Rao Kondapalli says:

    Are u also a member of Pakistan fragrance community?

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