My sales dropped from$500 a day to $16 a

My sales dropped from$500 a day to $16 a day?. I have been working so hard and try to fix it (which is following all the guidelines) This is day 6th already. I tried to add more holiday stuff in. It seems like Etsy choose to show about Holiday stuff more (imo). It all happened so suddenly. October is great month so far only pasted 6 days.? Luckily I am selling multiple places also doing local crafts fair for the Holiday season. I just feel sad when I see the sales are down so much ??
How is everyone doing.


  1. Crystal Cassandra says:

    My sales have dropped 87% this month

  2. Gabriel Lorien says:

    I sell jewelry and October was my worst month this entire year. I have over 200 pieces in my shop. I’ve been selling since 2010. I’m slowing working through the modules hoping I can get things to pick up. I really hope I can end this year on an extra high note.

  3. Chelsea McCarty says:

    Gabriel Lorien my worst month as well. Almost half my profit of the year prior

  4. J Naja Halpern says:

    Mine too. Seems obvious that it is not us. It is within etsy and testing

  5. Amy Franko Keller says:

    Down over 50% from last October. So concerned – this is supposed to be the “busy” period. Ive also been constantly working to make it better, but nothing is working. 🙁

  6. Bianca Steinfeld says:

    I had my best month /year ever and had over 1200 revenue in October…

  7. Bianca Steinfeld says:

    Meghann Harris of course! I sell floral wreats and floral arrangements, upcycled ceramic bird feeder and knitwear all together in one shop – I know, its not advised but I dont want to “split” my store/myself… I dont know, if I do anything better.…

  8. Charlotte Whiteley says:

    bianca, me too.

  9. Bianca Steinfeld says:

    Bianca Steinfeld ok interesting. Im going to have to go back and make sure i adjusted all of my titles. Its good to hear not everybody is having a difficult time with it right now.

  10. Charlotte Whiteley says:

    bianca, me too.

  11. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    Charlotte Whiteley congrats! I hope for us it continues that way ?

  12. Natty Mungkung Wong says:

    Bianca i need a break so badly. and i am still getting orders… 😐 my model isnt going to work if it keeps on like this. my numbers were somewhat more dramatic over the last two months,

  13. Lauren Proper says:

    I’ve had a great October myself but I’ve had some rough months over the past three years on Etsy. It always makes me feel so disheartened but things always manage to turn around and get better? that’s why it’s good to have multiple revenue streams.

  14. Diana Abrams says:

    Elizabeth Johnson I am glad to hear that❤❤

  15. Mouni Abdelli Lou says:

    I went from an order a day to an order a week ? nothing changed!!

  16. I am about to close my store. Its terrible. I spend days without a single sale.

  17. Diana Abrams says:

    same for me too 🙁 do you have the same amount of visits despite the decrease of sales? for me, its really bad, only 2 visits/day 🙁

  18. Denise Bourassa Hoegen says:

    Mouni Abdelli Lou my visits decreased dramatically

  19. Andrew Caron says:

    Visit decrease like 50% ;(

  20. Mary Bilodeau says:

    I am the same…the worst year since I opened in 2014 but October literally finished me off! I have to pay out of pocket for the monthly fees now ?

  21. Karen Stewart says:

    Yes. I’m on the same spot. Paying more than what aim making.

  22. Maria Festing says:

    exactly the same for me, Im investing a lot more money for no returns

  23. Kimberly Ann Chester says:

    Yup me too

  24. Donna Whitacre says:

    Wow this seems like an epidemic

  25. Michele Loughborough says:

    I was planning to sell on Etsy, but the more I read about all the changes, the more I think I will not bother. Such a shame because Etsy has changed so much that it is very discouraging to those of us who have thought about selling on it. Whats with all the changes?

  26. Kathy Panton says:

    Honestly, Im hearing this a lot from those who tried to “fix” their listings. I have only fixed listings that had no views and no favorites and those listings are still not working. Everything else and especially my best sellers and most favorited are unchanged and still using the titles and tags that started working on the last algorithm change last November-ish. Im starting week 3 of record sales for my shop…granted its not $500/day but Im happy with 3-6 orders consistently especially considering Im not driving any outside traffic to my shop, its pure search and promoted listings. In any case, its my opinion that the people who “fixed” their listings missed what exactly Etsy was saying when they put out their guide. They didnt say anything about the algorithm being changed, they wont tell us that. If you read/listen carefully, the main message was hey, we think that customers like shorter and better descriptive titles so maybe thatll help with the conversion. The fact is, according to my PLs, I still get better impressions and clicks on exact keyword matches than the piecemealed ones. That said, my suspicion is too many people removed their performing exact keywords or shook them up too much and either they still need time to be re-indexed into the search or its showing the exact keyword matches are still king. Alternatively, I just listened to another coach say that October is just as bad as a summer month like June or July…Halloween and knowing that Black Friday and the holidays are just around the corner keep people from buying too much. According to her, it should pick up after today when everyone starts getting into Christmas shopping mode. Just my 2 cents.

  27. Kayce Jones says:

    Karen Stewart I didnt change anything until it down so much. Before I keep everything the same long tail keyword as the original. I changed to Freeshipping one time and it didnt work for me so I changed it back to what it was. Etsy keep sending an em…

  28. Julie Farrell says:

    Thank you for sharing tho❤

  29. Rozslin Jensen Velez says:

    What do you sell and how long have you sold? How does this trend compare to last year for you?

  30. Chelsea McCarty says:

    Maria Festing I am selling kids leggings, birthday outfit and custom items. My sales are up like 106% over the last year. I think may be is my products too much competition now. I used to be only one selling those kind afterward its all over the Etsy …

  31. Barbara Klein Pordes says:

    Natty Mungkung Wong So only a year? There can be a lot of variance in one year as some sales tend to be seasonal

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