Name the 3 niche fragrances you pull out of

Name the 3 niche fragrances you pull out of your closet the most on a daily basis.


  1. Shane DeMille says:

    This question is easy to answer: I have none that I pull out on a daily basis. Maybe I may wear the same fragrance twice in a week at times but never everyday.

  2. Panos Tzikoz says:

    Shane DeMille Yeah basically your most frequent wearing niche colognes on a time period of lets say a week.

  3. Shane DeMille says:

    Panos TzikozOK that’s easy: 1) Dior Balade Sauvage, 2) Mancera Black Gold, and 3) Amouage Opus X.

  4. Gina Tabasso says:

    I would never wear the same thing twice in a week. Sometimes, not twice in a year. But, I go back to Serge Lutens Sa Majeste and La Fille de Berlin, Serge Ambre Sultan, Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose, Tauerville Rose Flash and Annick Goutal Ambre Fetiche and Ambre Sauvage over and over again.I also reach for Santa Maria Novella and Penhaligon’s a lot

  5. Panos Tzikoz says:

    Gina Tabasso you must have a huge collection

  6. Gina Tabasso says:

    Panos Tzikoz Ya, over 2,000 bottles plus thousands of minis, samples and decants. It’s a little out of control.

  7. Panos Tzikoz says:

    Gina Tabasso Hehehe you can make a decade rotation with these

  8. Jakob Erichsen says:

    Lyric Man
    Jo Malone Oud & Bergamotte

  9. Ricky Castro says:

    Tuscan Leather, Aventus and Interlude Man

  10. Tom Hines says:

    According to my Basenotes profile, it’s:
    Chez Bond, Bleecker Street, Riverside Drive.

  11. Yusri Diamondflame says:

    Lately, these:-
    Grimoire by Anatole Lebreton
    Dryad by Papillon
    1962 by Floris

  12. Deric Metzger says:

    Boadicea the Victorious Imperial, Amouage Interlude Man, Mancera Red Tobacco

  13. Michael Graves says:

    As of today it is
    1) Molecule 01
    2) Tom Ford Extreme
    3) PdM Layton

    Subject to change at any moment

  14. Bob Murphy says:

    Aventus, jubilation Xxv, and plum japanois

  15. John Christian says:

    PDM Carlisle – AMOUAGE Jubilation XXV – CREED Royal Mayfair

  16. Christoffer Storlund says:

    Aventus 90% of The time.
    540 extrait and elysium edp/parfum The other 10%

  17. Edward Bladis says:

    Bal dafrique, l humaniste, herod

  18. Harpee Kharod says:

    Black phantom, JM myrrh and tonka, and Herod.

  19. Barbi Kayler says:

    I don’t have any, can’t afford them ?

  20. Stephen Cabil says:

    Barbi Kayler designers are pretty much better for the daily usage / compliments so its np

  21. Millesime Imperial, Bleeker St and Nio/Matrix

  22. Michael Andrews says:

    Royal Mayfair, Green Irish Tweed, Bleecker Street

  23. Danny Milea says:

    Layton aventus br540

  24. Jordan Howe says:

    Anyone EVER got compliments from random strangers (not yo momma)?

  25. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Danny Milea Depends who you are , im personally not that extrovert , so people that dont know me will hardly come to me for compliments. Ive seen people follow me thou it was obvious the bubble was addicting

  26. Brandon Mines says:

    Yea when I was in USA for the first time, a cheerleader told me that I smelled good

  27. Brutus Browns says:

    Once when I went out of my way to help a customer.

  28. Bruce Neuman says:

    Xerjoff Mamluk, nasomatto pardon and 777 mortal skin

  29. Jijo M Joy says:

    Himalaya, Oud saphir, and PVI( it isn’t a designer, he only makes fragrances, parfums vintage is niche)

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