Name your best Chanel fragrance for Men!!!!!!!!!!!

Name your best Chanel fragrance for Men!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Daniel Faulkner says:

    PM, Egoiste, Antaeus, AHS, AHSEE, AHS Edition Blanche, BdC EDP, and PE.

  2. Ralph Grajales Perez says:

    Chanel allure sport extreme

  3. Brian Wade says:

    For Men: BDC
    CAHSEE close 2nd

  4. Jerriel Dudley says:

    Chanel Pour Monsiuer

  5. Richard Guerra says:

    Edition Blanche

  6. Jenry R. Rubel Orsic says:


  7. Johnnie Hannah Jr. says:

    Platinum Egoiste

  8. Wesley Pardue says:

    I love several of them. Edition Blanche will always be one of my favorites though.

  9. Anita Misztalska says:

    Vintage Antaeus , Pour Monsieur , Egoiste and Edition Blanche

  10. T.j. Hardaway says:

    Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme

  11. Shawn Cross says:

    Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme

  12. Ashley Dawn says:

    Platinum Egoiste

  13. Melvin Foreman says:

    BDC and Platinum Egoiste for me. (Yeah BDC is mainstream but still smells good)

  14. Mike Szczesny says:

    You can’t blame mangos for being created so delicious!!!!

    “BDC if u get my point!!”

  15. Marian Lifephorm says:

    Platinum Egoiste

  16. Shang Chai Chua says:

    And Bleu for second place

  17. Νικόλαος Διαλετάρας says:

    If it’s what you can buy at a store now, Platinum Egoiste

    If vintage is an option, Antaeus and Pour Monsieur Concentree

  18. Chris Robbins says:

    Sycomore EDT… but there are so many good ones for men from Chanel

  19. Elvis Pulaj says:

    bonjour,bleu edt

  20. Randal Aldair Dominguez Torres says:

    Edition blanche

  21. James Saint James Harrell says:

    Thank You everyone for their responses. I have the liberty of smelling every scent you all have suggested on a daily basis

  22. Jose Herrera Jr. says:

    They seriously need a new men’s release that isn’t a flanker

  23. Marto Mugss says:

    Rouge de chanel?! ?

  24. Wazza Pinochet says:

    Chanel Rouge Pour Homme

  25. Nate Manning says:

    Chanel Vert De Lui !!

  26. Aliyu Yahyah says:

    Egoist platinum

  27. Rami Shehadeh says:

    Allure Homme Édition Blanche

  28. James Holder says:

    What’s the difference between egoiste and Platinum egoiste. I have Platinum it’s great just wished they never messed with formulation. Does egoiste smell mature or dated?

  29. Esso Perfume says:

    Egoiste is a mature spicy vanilla woody scent

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