Nield. Ready to turn your part-time Etsy hustle into full-time income?

Hey you! Welcome to Etsy Mastermind, a FREE group hosted by Morgan Nield.
Ready to turn your part-time Etsy hustle into full-time income? You’re in the right place, my friend (and we’re seriously so excited to have you here!) 🙂
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Ready to get dive down the rabbit hole of learning how to market your Etsy shop? Here are a couple blog posts to get you started:
*Supercharge your SEO*:
*Increase your conversion rate*:
*Create a marketing funnel*:
And most importantly? Welcome to the group!


  1. Dorianne Salgado says:

    Hi! Just tried this link and there was no book to download. ? Just thought I would let you know. ? Have a great day!

  2. Tricia Crookston says:

    Deidre Johnson Kindall

  3. Lisa Levine says:

    Hi Morgan. Thanks for accepting me . I found your blog and iv joined the EtsyRank think, so yes I’m trying to sort my shop out. Will read them blogs to when I have
    A moment x

  4. Charlotte Wilkinson says:

    Hi ? thank you for adding me I look forward to learning a lot ?

  5. Jaime Kelly says:

    Morgan Gates Nield Does your course include starting up a shop outside of Etsy as well? On Shopify or something else? Or is it only focused on Etsy?

  6. Morgan Gates Nield Morgan and 1 other manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for Etsy Mastermind by says:

    The course content and stratagem works for whatever platform you are selling on (we have quite a few Shopify store owners inside, and a few Amazon Handmade as well!). Hope that helps!

  7. Jolyn Catledge says:

    Thanks for adding me! I’m obsessed with your videos right now! Always learning!

  8. Cherie' Gunsell says:

    I am soooo excited to have found this group!! I am ready to take my Etsy shop to a “whole notha level”!!! ? Let’s do this!!

  9. Carolyn Backer says:

    how do I get a copy of Etsy Marketing Roadmap?

  10. Susana Martinez de Alvizuri says:

    Thanks for being accepted in the group!

  11. Shwetha Gs says:

    Hi ? thank you for adding me. Am looking forward to learn a lot ?

  12. Katie McNamara says:

    Hi! Any plan in the works for the next group of Mastermind Your Marketing?! I’m itching to learn!!! ?

  13. Karen Escalera says:

    I”m excited t0o!!! I”m a pre-newbie lol to Etsy. Getting photos and descriptions together to post, Finally!!

  14. Olufunmilayo Oso-Williams says:

    Thank you for adding me!??

  15. Simon Lovell says:

    Many thanks for the add. Looking forward to learning more.

  16. Hala Ismail says:

    Thanks for adding me, I started with etsy a year ago and already frustrated. Looking forward to learn a lot!

  17. Donna WhyteDesigns says:

    Thank you for excepting me into your group ☺

  18. Karen Escalera says:

    In the process of getting legal paperwork taken care of then I can launch!!

  19. Kelly Morrison says:

    Where was the live coaching call yesterday? I was on the FB page and didn’t see it

  20. Mark Gunter says:

    Glad to be here! Thanks for including me in your group. 🙂

  21. Joyce Lee says:

    Hi Mark are you following me ?

  22. Annie Mason says:

    Cathy Arkell – Following – Stalking 😉 😉 whichever sounds less sinister! Great to see a familiar name. 😀

  23. Susan Petersen says:

    I know – great minds think alike 🙂

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