Not sure if this is real or not I

Not sure if this is real or not. I bit the bullet and purchased one. I’ll update you guys to see if it’s legit or not. Stay tuned!


  1. Jason Craven says:

    They seem to have a brick and mortar location. Anyone live in SF? Go check them out.

  2. Aaron Jimenez says:

    They created thier facebook 2 days ago..

  3. Aaron Jimenez says:

    Also there address is not a store

  4. Ryan Petch says:

    Yes it’s a co-share working space??

  5. Cyndi Hunter says:

    more likely it’s someone’s kitchen, if that

  6. Omar Arguelles says:

    Domain Name:
    Creation Date: 2018-06-26T15:28:45Z
    Registrant Organization:
    Registrant State/Province: England
    Registrant Country: UK

    I would not trust it, everything was just created this week.

  7. Mark Iliff says:

    Oh I was thinking to do that.

  8. Mark Iliff says:

    Have you also noticed they have 21 fragrances listed in total.

  9. Aaron Jimenez says:

    My friend I believe you’ve been had, I feel when it comes to online purchases , if it sounds to good to be true , it’s not

  10. Stéphane Gauthier says:

    Also they are selling Dunhill Icon for… 90$!? What the hell, I paid half that price. In Canadian dollars…!!

  11. Rich Lewandowski says:

    I saw that this morning… One red flag is that they don’t take PayPal. I learned my lesson a long time ago that if it’s too good to be true it probably is fake. Their return policy also states that once you open it you can’t return it.

  12. Christoffer Storlund says:

    I can already tell you u will either A get burned or B get a fake ?

  13. Blake Hewitt says:

    Paul Kiler ironic to see Brandon asking if he is being ripped off when he is the guy who set up Perfumer Talk who took all of the subscriptions and hasn’t made ANY attempt to pay anybody back

  14. Brandon Woisin says:

    Wow really what a peace of shit why is he still here and hopefully he lost all his money to the website

  15. Brandon Greatheart says:

    Yeah I figured that lmao

  16. Cyndi Hunter says:

    Are you asking me to comment on the authenticity issue or this seller named Brandon?

  17. Robert Jacome says:

    The seller supposedly hes a scammer, I’m just trying to save headaches for the community down the road that’s all

  18. Cyndi Hunter says:

    Robert Jacome thanks and i’ll talk w the mods about it…do you have any screen shots or info of his activity? can you PM them to me? thanks…and YES these Aventus are totally fake lol! 🙂

  19. Brandon Greatheart says:

    Definitely not a scammer, Robert. Read my most recent comment on that post trying to say I was some scammer. Would a scammer sell over $1,000 worth of analytical data for only $5?

  20. Robert Jacome says:

    Well you were put on blast by another member for not refunding money to subscribers of ” Perfume Talk” so we shall see

  21. Brandon Greatheart says:

    Yes, I explained everything in that post.

  22. Robert Jacome says:

    Still not buying it but that’s my opinion also why would you link a blatantly fake website that was created recently advertising a fake product those are facts not opinions but we’ll see I guess?

  23. Brandon Greatheart says:

    I didn’t even know. That’s why I wanted to update everyone. If I got a fake (which I probably am) I would tell every to stay clear of this site.

  24. Robert Jacome says:

    Most here that have been in this hobby for a long time and know prices will laugh at this

  25. Mark Iliff says:

    I wonder if it’s real. Probably not. Although I was reading through one of those basenotes Aventus threads one time a few months ago and they talked about a seller with Aventus for $50 for 120ml and turned out to be genuine.

  26. Mark Iliff says:

    Ohh yeah the Facebook page had no likes at all until me.

  27. Brandon Greatheart says:

    Time will tell lol. Would be crazy if it turns out to be real.

  28. Cyndi Hunter says:

    Gee…what are the odds that someone would sell fakes of the most popular, sought-after, hysteria-generating scent in the world? And while the entity is corporately located overseas (to insulate it from liability) and doesn’t accept Paypal, it creates a location within the country it is most sought-after to save on shipping within that country?

  29. Brandon Greatheart says:

    It if turns out to be fake, I will just file a claim with Stripe, the platform which Majestic Scent uses to accept payment.

  30. Cyndi Hunter says:

    how did you know this piece of info? Because it’s no where on the site

  31. Cyndi Hunter says:

    and you know that Stripe has an investigatory unit like Paypal to process and decide on disputes? or is Stripe simply a payment processing system? how did you pay? with your credit card?

  32. Brandon Greatheart says:

    Also if I don’t receive anything after a reasonable amount of time, I will file a “product not received” dispute claim.

  33. Mark Iliff says:

    Hmmm why would they sell it for $50. Really you wouldn’t.

    If they got it cheap then they surly would sell it for more to get as much as they can for it. Plus it looks more fake being sold really cheap. Atleast if it was nearer the average price you would be more likely to think its genuine.

    I don’t know. The guys on basenotes who got cheap Aventus said the seller offered a no return policy but it was genuine so..

    My gut feeling here is that it’s fake though..

  34. Ryan Horton says:

    Sorry, but if your that stupid to think that deal is true then….

  35. Brandon Greatheart says:

    Worth it to take the risk since I can get my money back. So, really there is nothing to lose.

  36. Chaz Ferrell says:

    Probably just reselling wish Aventus ?

  37. Rod Figaro says:

    Rule #1… Whenever in doubt, spend ONLY the amount of cash you can afford to lose; otherwise, exercise caution.

  38. Alisa Yakub says:

    ?? I’m genuinely curious to see what this company is about.

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