of the top releases of the decade in your eyes?

Such a lovely fragrance , is this one of the top releases of the decade in your eyes? Future hall of fame candidate.


  1. Ryan Willems says:

    Easily HoF. No brainer top tier office scent.

  2. Fadi Abbas says:

    Good fragrance, not the most masculine one out there though

  3. Mohamed Younis says:

    Why do I hate it?!!! 🙁

  4. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    No, tested it, couldn’t smell it, tried Dior Homme eau and said” this is an iris scent for summer”. Hall of fame, this couldn’t even make it in my collection, awkward???

  5. David Goolcharran says:

    Dior homme eau should be getting all the attention, not prada lhomme

  6. Mychal Cure says:

    Agree! It is way better

  7. Enmanuel Gonzalez says:

    Someone sell me this one cheap

  8. William Reyes says:

    Dior homme and Dior homme eau are light years ahead.

  9. John Romas says:

    Top 5. Out of my 150+

  10. Deepak Sharma says:

    John Romas Hiii

    What’s yor top five bro………See More

  11. John Romas says:

    Top 5 are on the shelf. All of my fragrances are listed in order of what h like most starting at the top

  12. Shane DeMille says:

    The Intense version is better to my nose

  13. Ryan Vandewiel says:

    It’s great. Just gets to me that fragcom ignored Dior Homme Eau and even said it was bad when it came out and are all over this one due to hype

  14. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    An awesome Iris scent, this is one of the best work fragrances imo.

  15. Ahmed Parf says:

    I hate this very much.

  16. Alejandro 'Alex' Chavez says:

    Nah. It’s okay but that’s all.

  17. Alexis Mol-Hdz says:

    Not even close in my book

  18. Panos Tzikoz says:

    Gettin whiffs of it its magical simplicity.

  19. Josh Walsh says:

    Nice but I prefer Dior Homme Eau.

  20. Josh Walsh says:

    I find Prada is just cloning Dior fragrances.

  21. Panos Tzikoz says:

    They copy the swag way

  22. Panos Tzikoz says:

    Valentino does the same but nobody complains for their girly clones lol

  23. David Goolcharran says:

    And the diors are still way better ?

  24. Pyry Karrimaa says:

    I have been smelling this so many times, and thinking of buying it, but since I have Prada Amber, Infusion d’Homme and Luna Rossa already, I haven’t gotten to buy this one yet. But I think the time will come eventually. I’m a pretty big fan of soapy scents.

  25. Jonathan Almeida says:

    The one that gets used the most lol

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