Ohh shit!!!!! Decanters watch out.

Ohh shit!!!!! Decanters watch out.


  1. Gina Steddar says:

    Ok that’s way over the top.

  2. Jean Blanc says:

    The article mentioned that Chanel said in the court filing that the seller was selling testers and even used fragrances. I wonder if they just woke up and realize that. Lots of people list on eBay cologne they no longer use or they don’t like. Ridiculous.

  3. Blake Caudle says:

    Stop putting the trademarked logo and trademarked font style on the decants. The juice inside isn’t usually patented, esp because it’s usually sort of secret and always changing.

  4. Blake Caudle says:

    There goes those fancy Chanel decant labels… I wonder if other fragrance companies will follow…

  5. Jean Blanc says:

    Did either of you read the article? That’s not what it’s about at all.

  6. Blake Caudle says:

    It seems to go in phases, ebay cracked down about 5 years ago. Rumor was Bond was the motivation back then.

  7. Jean Blanc says:

    Chanel is claiming the fact that the stuff was sold without original packaging is the problem because it damages their luxury brand lol

  8. Robert Howard says:

    Your picture plays a big part in your item being able to sell. Who’s gonna buy a designer fragrance if they can’t see the logo.

  9. Jay Bulworth says:

    I did. He wasn’t decanting, just reselling testers.

  10. Jay Bulworth says:

    Why are there so many comments so far off base from the article? Jean Blanc no where in the article was that ever considered a problem. They are literally suing him for selling without original packaging.

  11. Eric Smith says:

    Daniel Barenberg It’s quite an interesting lawsuit. I guess it all depends on how Channel distributes its testers to its retailers. If the guy is selling the testers in the “original packaging” that Channel sold (or distributed) them to its authorized retailers, wouldn’t he have a defense that he isn’t changing the packaging?

  12. Shawn L Varner says:

    Mun Achi I don’t think Chanel has much legal ground for the lawsuit as it stands, they are just bullying someone without the legal defense team, or monetary interest to fight it.

  13. Kristo Maves says:

    Daniel Barenberg I sell single bottle without original packaging all the time, I sell decants and testers. What’s your point?

  14. Kevin Holt says:

    My point is the article you posted has to do with selling without packaging and has nothing at all to do with logos on decants.

  15. Mark Mobley says:

    Daniel Barenberg even though the article doesnt say anything about logos, but Jean Blanc has a point. Logos are trademarks, copying a label might get one in trouble. I sell decants on ebay, and I copy tom ford logo all the time, but from now on I wont be making this mis tf ake, thanks Jean blanc for pointing this out.

  16. Ahmad Giballi says:

    Rahman Shaukat you must not have read or understood the article well, because that was specifically covered in the lawsuit. That’s still selling a chanel product without the chanel packaging.

  17. John Wunner says:

    Rahman Shaukat “…that the products are packaged, displayed, and sold in appealing packaging that enhances the value of the products and that reflects the hard-earned image and reputation of Chanel as a manufacturer and seller of high-end luxury goods.”

    “The total packaging… is [an] integral [part] to the product and to the buyer’s experience of Chanel’s products.”

  18. Richard Tompkins says:

    Rahman Shaukat if you sell a decant without using the logo but still refer to the product with the trademarked name of the fragrance, you would be open to the same suit this guy is facing (especially if Chanel wins this case)

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