one thing about the fragrance community what would it be?

if you could change one thing about the fragrance community what would it be??


  1. Jordan Howe says:

    People selling fakes tbh

  2. Riel Carriere says:

    The tendency to focus on compliments when it has little to nothing to do with the fragrance itself.

  3. Jason Yeomans says:

    Pay attention noobs…

  4. Jason Yeomans says:

    Ricky Vernon some just put too much on compliments, like that’s the most important aspect,,? that.. I’m long gone from that phase myself..

  5. Jason Yeomans says:

    Ricky Vernon me as well,, don’t get me wrong, getting a compliment is nice but it’s last on my list of you can dig it,, I already know I smell good though..

  6. Riel Carriere says:

    If compliments are the most important to you, spend $20 on fragrance, and the rest on looking presentable and approachable. No need to hunt through bottles and bottles, because compliments come from being approachable, not because women can smell the Arabian taif rose in the $350 exclusive you had shipped across the ocean.

  7. Riel Carriere says:

    Yes niche is really not necessary. I say that as someone with a 95% niche collection.

  8. John Romas says:

    Condense all of the groups into one big group.

  9. Gerardo Juarez Jr. says:

    bring back Haroon Hafeez and his insane tom ford splits

  10. Stephen Cabil says:

    Find the underground network where people get free bottles

  11. Anthony Carter says:

    The Lack Of Women with Pretty Feet

  12. Deric Metzger says:

    For people to stop talking down about others in the community just because they are doing things they wish they could do

  13. Sam Cooke says:

    For people to stop going off YouTube reviews to blind buy fragrances and then complain that the reviewer is paid off or biased when they end up not liking the fragrance or it doesn’t perform on their skin

  14. Taeko Toshio says:

    When you like one fragrance over the other and some cunt jumps in and says can anyone confirm this? And then you gotta tell him to stop being a pussy and then you get banned lol.

  15. Deric Metzger says:

    It’s common knowledge fragcomm has thinskin

  16. Jay Lawrence Hewitt says:

    Gregory Andrew Duncan agreed

  17. Haha who does this? Lol

  18. Taeko Toshio says:

    Fragrance snobs. ….. not all of us can afford the very expensive stuff…

  19. Alton Griffiths says:

    Buy whatever makes you happy. Why should that bother you that other people buy expensive stuff?

  20. Jeffrey Reid Pittman says:

    It doesn’t bother me that they buy expensive stuff.. it bothers me that they act like a higher form of human being for only wearing niche.

  21. Kevin Kao says:

    Adan Valdez Acting like a higher form of human being is one thing. Wearing only niche, I don’t see any problem with that. It’s their money, they can do whatever they want with it.

  22. Jeff Denham says:

    Less discussion about Aventus.

  23. Alonzo Eddie says:

    My #2 change would be to put people who blind-buy fragrances then try to sell them (1-2 sprays missing) in time out for 30 days! ??

  24. Jonathan Storey says:

    Start calling out people who try to sell half a bottle for 10% less than it would cost to buy a full bottle.

  25. Avery Michaels says:

    For people to stfu about whatever is “the king!” On every single post. You look ignorant. I said it.

  26. Punit Halyal says:

    And the best part is it’s usually referring to something that’s not very good.

  27. Vladimir Tanascuk says:

    For Thanos to exist, so that when he snaps the sexual harasser Jeremy Fragrance will disappear

  28. Rich Scardaville says:

    I hate that shit so much

  29. Daniel Faulkner says:

    I use #boxerdropper to describe aventus

  30. Mark Mcauley says:

    That we be able to ship fragrance to one another as much as we like, wherever in the world we may be.

  31. Joey Bengtson says:

    And Nautica Voyage lol

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