one would you choose out of these two and why?

Edit: Amber Intense it is. L’Homme Intense is next though.
Which one would you choose out of these two and why? I have the original, non-intense versions of both btw.


  1. Adam Rothschild says:

    None. Only original are good

  2. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    Prada L’homme Intense is great imo.

  3. Sampson Grace says:

    PAPHI, more unique and special smelling. And I get better performance than with PLI. Both are great quality choices though.

  4. Kyle Hull says:

    Can’t do the soapiness. In my opinion, L’Homme Intense is good stuff. The added tonka give the original a heavier element

  5. Amir Mesic says:

    Right one. Great performance and projection on my skin.
    In winter times, a true banger.

  6. Prada Homme Intense…favorite from that brand.

  7. Salamandar Octopous says:

    Prada amber intense : more artistic, more quality, more niche smell, more seductiv, more Italian, more Prada.

  8. Ron Snowden says:

    Daniel Faulkner ??

  9. Jay Lawrence Hewitt says:

    Amber intense always!

  10. Jamison Potter says:

    Pour Homme Intense is the better frag of these two, imo. It’s more unique.

  11. Daniel Faulkner says:

    I do have a few frags that remind me a bit of L’Homme Intense. I like it, but I’ll pick it up another day.

  12. Jamison Potter says:

    I meant Amber Intense is the better one. Imo.

  13. Daniel Faulkner says:

    Going with Amber Intense this time around. L’Homme Intense is still on my list though. Thanks for the feedback, guys ??

  14. Michael Goodman says:

    prada L’homme intense def. its one of the best designers in recent years imo..

  15. Jose Alcalde says:

    Prada Amber intense forever!

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