Original Vetiver and Irish Spring soap, is there anything similar?

Its difficult to find Mugler Cologne in Kuwait. Other than Creeds Original Vetiver and Irish Spring soap, is there anything similar? (Bought some irish spring to understand the general smell of the cologne. Not too impressed by the soap.)


  1. Matt Moseley says:

    TF Grey Vetiver.

  2. Dhruba Dasgupta says:

    There has to be souq who does an impression

  3. Sam Kallukadavil says:

    Dhruba Dasgupta True. Will have to hunt through them for it. They usually keep impressions of the more popular ones.

  4. Stephen Cabil says:

    Atelier Trefle Pur

  5. Dalton Kabir says:

    Mugler Cologne doesn’t smell like Irish sping soap to me..

  6. Sam Kallukadavil says:

    Dalton Kabir Exactly why I need to confirm that for myself!

  7. Dalton Kabir says:

    People compare it to TF vetiver..I haven’t smelled TF ..Mugler Cologne smells bit green..citrusy..Vetiver to me..a bit soapy..bit flowery (neroli I guess) ..

  8. Dahaji Mcmillion says:

    Thank you, it doesn’t smell like Irish spring soap, it smells like a high class soap from Morocco. Trust me, I’ve been using Irish spring for over 30 years. It goes well with Mugler Cologne

  9. Sam Kallukadavil says:

    Dalton Kabir I would have to pay extra for international shipping. I dont think its worth it to buy just one fragrance.

  10. Greg Knudson says:

    Alfred Sung Homme is similar to Irish Spring

  11. Dalton Kabir says:

    Yes..this one smells like Irish sping soap

  12. Khajak Astourian says:

    I’m from Kuwait. After 2 years of searching all the fragrance shops in Kuwait I managed to find a tester bottle in one small shop and it was the last one. I think you can’t find any now. Regarding the resemblance to irish spring soap it is not that similar. Mugler cologne is so refreshing and has little depth from the vetiver. If you want to purchase it I think your best bet will be getting it from Dubai.

  13. Sam Kallukadavil says:

    Thank you so much. Will ask friends. Good to know fellow fragrance enthusiasts are in Kuwait.

  14. Khajak Astourian says:

    Glad to help. If you have any other fragrance related questions you can ask me.

  15. Abdullah Hu says:

    I have one for sale. Check your messages.

  16. Rich Lewandowski says:

    John Varvatos Artisan Blu or John Varvatos Artisan Acqua

  17. Neal Robert Smookler says:

    Gendarme green.

  18. Zain Plasticwala says:

    Irish spring is similar to mugler colonge????

  19. Sam Kallukadavil says:

    Zain Plasticwala Some camparisons were being made regarding the two

  20. Zain Plasticwala says:

    Bro Irish spring smells good. Have not tried either mugler colonge nor creed vetiver!!!

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