Parfum actually smell like Blu de Chanel (like some say)?

Does Elysium Parfum actually smell like Blu de Chanel (like some say)?


  1. Hector Rivera says:

    I didn’t get that comparison, i prefer BDC EDP over Roja Parfum Cologne ?‍♂️

  2. Joshua Brewington says:

    Tim OdishooTim i havent smelled the parfum version is it that much different?

  3. Jonathan Alexandre says:

    Hector Rivera , take out the incense, you got Parfum, no kick. It’s like a skeleton of the edp. For me, that incense note in the edp, makes it gorgeous

  4. Brad LaMorgese says:

    Dahaji Mcmillion sorry i meant Elysium Parfum lol im getting all confused with these names ?

  5. Dallas Dudra says:

    Hector Rivera , your killing me kid???

  6. Natan Barros Freitas says:

    Hell no

  7. Nutthawut Kitiyawong says:

    Smells more like a smoky sauvage if anything.

  8. Kent Angel says:

    Connor Rebuck you don’t think so???

  9. Traian Traian says:

    Is the parfum the blue bottle??

  10. Mohammed Aljailani says:

    Joshua Brewington i don’t think it’s smokey, but it’s definitely bitter. Like rindey

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