particular items are in someones cart on a particular listing?

I need some help/advise on something please! Is there anyway to see what particular items are in someones cart on a particular listing? I sell tile drink coasters I started doing while my son was deployed to the Middle East last year 🙁 , he is home and safe now! My husband designed three designs for my dads Vietnam Razorback reunion, these are made to order, the listing just went up and weve gotten a couple orders but are getting close to 100 hits on those coasters a day from the reunion participants, right now, it shows “other people want this…5 people have items in their cart, etc”, since these are made to order, we are running to a high end photographer place in downtown Columbus to get photos printed to start making these coasters to get them out. We dont want to over buy at one time, hence the made to order, but if we could see which particular styles are in peoples carts, we would be more inclined to purchase extra stock of those photos to have on hand so we arent running into the City once a week, which is like getting stuck in the twighlight zone and seems to take forever!! Thanks for any input! Love that this site is here and am always reading ways to help boost my store!


  1. Judi Duncan says:

    log out and go in incognito and add the item to your cart and it should tell you how many others have it in their cart…

  2. Jackie Marie says:

    Sadly theres no real way to gauge this even if you know how many people have them in carts. I have two items that one has 12 in carts and the other has 15, but I havent sold either in close to 6 weeks. But you know if you order 5 sets, youll sell 25. If you get 25 sets, youll sell 5.

  3. Monicia Soder says:

    We can never second guess potential customers. That is why they call it a “business gamble”. One just has to take the leap

  4. Albert Ellenich says:

    Place a dollar amount on the time and energy you spend to make those trips into the city, then invest that in extra photos based on past sales. Dont ignore the value of the time you spend to get materials! 🙂 Also, try running a coupon that gets sent …

  5. Tracy Kirkendall Ferris says:

    Can you do something ‘off Etsy’?? (like a direct email to the whole reunion group?)
    ….assuming I am understanding the post correctly?!
    (maybe an ‘early bird’ price & higher ‘last minute’ price??)

  6. Becky Gardner Peterson says:

    Thanks for all the tips! Greatly appreciated! I think we’ll just buy a few extra copies of each style that way we have on hand, I’m still so new at this and it’s still kind of scary trying to figure everything out! Thanks everyone!

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